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Monday, June 05, 2006

Pentecost pics

The weather wasn't really bad at Pentecost, even though it was very windy, at least it didn't rain and I've managed to take a few good shots for example from my magenta colored "Diascia"

or from my blue "Geranium x magnificum"

and from my bordeaux red Clematis "Ville de Lyon" which is just opening it's blossoms

But the best thing is better/warmer weather is to be due from tomorrow on! Woohoo! :D I have the feeling that all your good whishes have helped a lot! My back is much better too (although I've cutted all my box tree hedges by hand)! Thank you very much for all for your good wishes and enjoyable comments! x


PEA said...

I really have been trying to send sunshine and warmth your way so I'm glad it's finally going to reach you!! lol Glad to hear your back is better too...all the best to you and make sure you take time to enjoy that nicer weather!! Beautiful photos as always:-)

weirdbunny said...

stunning hanging basket.

Sigrun said...

Hi Carol, I have learned a new word - Pentecost! Never heard before.

Do you make frames too now?


delila said...

We have quite sad and gloomy weather in here Finland :/
But your flowers bring wee sunshine in here :) Love your flower photos!

Kali said...

Yay! for you...better back, better weather...You deserve it. Once again your photos are spectacular :)

Naturegirl said...

What a lovely series of blue blossoms!
so glad the back is better not good for gardening is it! You must see my pretty maidens! An NEW idea for your fuchia perhaps!:)

Naturegirl said...

Carol intersting that you cannot view all my post photos?Your photo on profile is not showing here either.. hummm? Check back again as you must see "Betty Bonnet!" She is there!

Carolyn said...

Carol I come to your garden to enjoy once again its beauty, and I am never disappointed. Its so lovely. Everything looks so well kept and pretty. Love it! The blue geranium is wodnerful Its all wonderful I can't say one nice thing about something and not include all the rest of the beauty in each of the pics (might hurt one of their feelings haha) each is as wonderful. And whew lots of work on those boxwoods you did, looks great!


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