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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The first roses

of this season are finally blooming in my garden! From now on I'll have new roses flowering every day yay! :D

The Fairy with white Delphinium and Geranium x magnificum

My Clematis "Multiblue" does not only look good with Alliums, but also with the blue Delphinium.

And this is another Allium which has just started to bloom Allium "Christophii "

and these 3 really big balls of Allium "Globemaster" are also in full bloom now, as you can see they are even bigger then my blue glass balls!


delila said...

I wish you could send me bunch of Flower for me :)
Hopefully someday I will have garden gorgeus as yours is!

Sigrun said...

Hi Carol, this days are wonderful and your flowers too!
But no rain to see and we need it so much. I have no waters for my pots.
How much cm ist Cottage Rose?


Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Carol, what is the name of the rose in the first picture, it is beautiful, I would like to get one like it. Seeing your roses made me take a look around my garden to take a check on mine, I took a few photographs I will have to show in my next postings. your pictures are stunning. Marion.

MariaJ said...

Lucky girl that you can enjoy the roses already. Theres one bushrose which is blooming in my yard thats all. That Clematis Multiblue is fantastic. Clematis are my favourites, there is only one which I dont like and its yellow, small flowers. If you have time please check again my Alliums, I left there a question for you.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh my, everything is just georgeous Carol! You have inspired me to add lots of alliums to my garden next fall. Especially those Globemaster ones. They are magnificent!

PEA said...

I've always loved roses and yours are so beautiful...as are all your flowers! My rose bushes are just now starting to bud and my clematis is busy climbing all over my trellis but won't be ready to bloom for a while yet.

carolyn said...

Carol peaked in on you in your garden today for a few minutes of relaxing pleasure and it was so worth the visit.Its ALL so so lovely. Love the giant alliums and you have your first rose to celebrate. Love all your blue too.

RusticateGirl said...

Lovely pics! I just got the Fairy this year and so far am very pleased. You are so lucky you can grow delphiniums, I did plant two this year to try my luck but my guess is they won't come back next year due to our hot and humid weather in the South.

Naturegirl said...

Oh my heart be still!! LOVELY! The Christophii I saw at the hospital grounds the other day while there and wanted to return to find out the variety but you have answered that for me!! They are stunning..I must have a few for my garden..now where oh where shall I fit them in!! This is such an exciting time for the "gardening bloggers!"


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