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Monday, June 19, 2006

More pink!

Rokoko rose decorated with rain drops by mother nature

Allium Globemaster is in it's full beauty now

My pink rose, still not sure about the name though

The colors of the Clematis Piilu are matching my ring


abe/happy said...

Hi Carol
Your roses are looking spectacular - I love all the pinks youve been taking - Great shots -
have a great day :-)

Vita said...

How very beautiful. I couldn't remember what color rose I bought, but looking it up, I see it's not pink. It's sort of smoky apricot. Pink is my favorite, except I like them all. What a fun ring! I had to come look after I read in Merryville that you were posting roses.

arttealife/onecrabapple said...

Wow Carol ! I am just blown away by your site here...

The photos are so amazing - you take beautiful professional photos !

The yard is to die for !

I want to sit in that chair , I am thinking I too will plant a basket of johnny jumps ups on a stick as it is so sweet I can't stand it !

What an inspiration you are !!!!!!!

I am delighted to meet you and will have to come back everyday for more and more and more !!!!

I love your PINK ART !
It lifted my spirit and made me feel good that you did it !

You must have quite a green thumb !

And how about those jewels !!!
Dazzling !
Love. S.

Sigrun said...

xvNa, jetzt weiß ich immerhin, dass du auch auf Glasjuwelen stehst. Mein Kind auch.
Wonderful photos, Carol, and in the next season I have also Globmaster.


MariaJ said...

These could be postcards, so good they are. Love your ring too.

Laura said...

Carol, what a fantastic blog and garden you've created! It is clear how much joy you take in the beautiful world you've made. I'm happy to have discovered you through your comment on my blog. Thank you so much for bringing your work to my attention!

mommy22ss said...

I love all your photos! What a beautiful garden area you have. I'm jealous. I don't have much of a green thumb at all. I'll come visit here when I want to spend time in a beautiful garden.

audrey said...

Carol...I wish I could visit your garden and see the Rokoko rose...it is gorgeous.

lindaharre said...

OMG your photos are FABULOSA!!!! What is the deal with all the pink? Love all of your work....GREAT JOB!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm running out of words Carol! Beautiful, lovely, marvelous, georgeous, pretty, wonderful, amazing, stunning.......!!!!

Naturegirl said...

The ring the nails the flower! Nice composition!Nice balancing with flower
in one hand and camera the other!

ms*robyn said...

look at that allium ! oh to grow them like that. I must try this year. Love the ring, Carol - your garden must be absolutely gorgeous right now!

judypatooote said...

No fair Sigrun, talking to Carol in German.....I know Gunts Goot, but the spelling of it ?

You do take professional looking pictures....but maybe you are professional.....you make me believe it.... The roses are gorgeous and your so fancy having a ring to match your flower.....

zephyr said...

Simply fabulous!!
what glorious flowers and photographs!
Don't you love the allium Globemaster??
i've been thinking of you while watching mine in flower
thanks for visiting our radio show blog...i so appreciate your kind feedback...so much hard work goes into it!
thanks again, friend!

PEA said...

Your pictures always leave me breathless, the flowers are so very beautiful. I can just imagine what it must be like to actually be standing in between all that glorious colour!!! Love your ring too...wonder if I can grow one like that! lol Have a wonderful day Carol:-)

Cookie said...

Everything about you Dear Carol is just so beautiful. You are a beautiful woman who lives in a beautiful house and tends a beautiful garden and does beautiful craft work and even wears beautiful rings!!!! What more can I say? :) Hugssss

Carol said...

Oh so many nice and absolutely enjoyable comments, I love it, thank yous and so many new readers too! :D

Hi Vita, Onecrabapple, Laura, Mommy and Linda, welcome to my blog! :D I'm glad to read you and hope you pop in here from time to time now!

snappy said...

you could be a professional photographer.You're garden is lush and full of colour.Love the ring,I guess you are a pink person!


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