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Monday, June 26, 2006

Before the rain

I took all these photos before the storm and very heavy rain we've had last night. This morning I found a lot of my flowers lying wet and heavy on the grass and slugs sliming over them *argh*! Of course I tried my best to bring them back in shape (with the help of stakes and clips) and collecting off the slugs before heading off to work.


carolyn said...

Oh dear friend, I kow how you felt this morning. the other day we had five inches of pounding rain within a short period, so bad was the weather that cars were floating down the street. I happened to be at work when it happened and when I came home i was also sick to see many things just leanig down and battered. Before I even came inside I was gently shaking water off so things could pull back up to the sun and trying to stake tall things. Your Roses in previous post are beautiful and love the digitalis (foxglove). Delphinium are always a delight aren't they? I once wrote a story called the Death of Delphinium, when I waited and waited for a purple delphium to bloom, it was 6 ft tall, I turned aroudn int he garden and hit it and broke it...after my standing there stamping my feet in a fit of" how could I have doen that and not been more carful about it beign so close to me when I turned to quickly," I sat and wrote about her. IN fat in the picture of me at my blog is what I am doing. Everything all looks lovely, YOUR GARDEN IS BE-U-TI-FUL Carol and it always makes me happy to see.

Jan Blencowe said...


You have a beautiful garden and a great eye for photography! Many photos here I like very much, especially the three big allium in a row, unexpected arrangement and a delight to see! We've been having a lot of rain here too and I'm propping up lilies all over my garden!

Art & Life

Lisa said...

So, so beautiful! We had a hard rain here (Virginia USA) last night and I had to bring the potted flowers under the roof this morning. All their blooms were washed away. :(

Your garden looks like paradise. I'm sure it will be all spunky again in no time. :)

PEA said...

I know that flowers need rain but I hate it when it's heavy downpours because of the damage it can do to them. Hopefully yours will all survive, they are all so very beautiful!

Jill said...

What beautiful photos! And your garden looks like paradise...thank you for sharing. What kind of camera do you use?

Hulda said...

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Beautiful flowers in your garden!

Mrs. Staggs said...

So sorry to hear that damage was done! :.( We could actually use a little rain here right now. (Can't believe I'm saying that after the almost record breaking rain we had all winter!)
I don't have many slugs, but I have to battle snails all the time. They will decimate a garden given a chance. Makes it hard to plant seedlings.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Rain the twofolded wonder, without it nothing grows and when it comes in buckets that tender petals suffer!

How Beautiful these photos are of your floral artistry and God's hand!

Sigrun said...

Carol, have you also photos from after the rain? I like the pictures very much, please more!


Carol said...

It's all good, we've had a soft wind yesterday which has gently dried all my flowers and nothing was really bad damaged.

Btw, I've just learned the difference between slugs and snails (thanks to Mrs. Staggs) and I have them both in my garden, but more snails than slugs this year.

Oh Carolyn that sounds really bad about the floating streets and yes Delphiniums are a true delight in the garden! Argh it's always so annoying when you break your own beloved plants, I know that feeling!

No Al I have not taken any pictures from after the rain.I was too busy tidying all up again.

Thank you all dear friends for your ever so nice and enjoyable comments!

And to the new readers like Hulda (I'll be visiting your other blog too H.), Jan, Lisa and Jill (I've answered your question on your blog J.) welcome to my blog! Nice to meet you! :D

MariaJ said...

We got heavy rain here up North Europe today. Well, I and the nature really missed it, 'cause it hasnt rained here at all (maybe two weeks ago?). The weather has been the most beautiful summer weather you can never imagine. Did you know I found the label for that rose on my blog. (please check)
Delphiniums and foxgloves are my favourites too and you had such beauties!

weirdbunny said...

slugs, what good do they do in this world, what is their purpose!!! All they do is eat our plants!

gena said...

I totally sympethise Carol! we have a climbing albertine rose which flowers abundantly with the most amazing fragrance every june,only to be completely dashed by the heavy rainfall within a coupe of weeks,its not fair!
Thank you for that link you sent me,strangely having learned German at school over 28 years ago(is it really that long?)I could get by on that site! so I am going to order some of those amazing glass balls,Thank you so much for your help my friend!

snappy said...

My slugs and snails always hide during the day.I have left them be recently though.No money for slug pellets.Your garden always looks lush.I love the reflection of you in the pink ball.Keep on posting because you cheer me up when my garden looks ragged in places!!

Shell said...

More beautiful blooms! Oh, I can smell them all the way from Australia! So pretty. It makes me very jealous as I can't grow flowers like that here. So, thanks for sharing. =)

Kali said...

I hope your garden wasn't too damaged Carol...Every time I come and visit you and see your magnificent garden I think of this little poem:

The kiss of the sun for pardon
The song of the birds for mirth
One is nearer God's heart in a garden
thank anywhere else on Earth!

p.s. thanks for the sweet birthay wishes over at my blog, but you were a month early...hehe

Enjoy you day xox

Karen said...

Your garden is so beautiful. You grow lovely cottage garden flowers that would not work at all in my garden. I wish I had much more land so I could have many different types of gardens, then I would come here and get ideas and advice and I would have one garden similar to yours. Ah well. It's a nice dream.


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