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Monday, August 14, 2006

This and that

from my weekend.

First off all I've got such nice mail from Joy on Friday. She has sent me a lovely handmade, collaged card and an ATC to thank me for her pink swap parcel. Joy thanks a lot, I really appreciate that you took the time to write me and I like your art very much! :D

Then I have a new Sammy picture to share, which my daughter took:

And this is what I've got myself from a voucher that I had won in our garden center, it's a bit autumn/fall like already, but that's how feel too, although we've had quite nice weather this last weekend with temperatures around 21 deegree celsius and we could even sit outside for barbeque in the evening:

and a beautiful new Echeveria:

a regular garden visitor:

a turqoise/aqua impression:

and an evening impression:

I've had a really nice weekend and I hope you too!


Kali said...

Hi Carol ~ lovely snaps of your weekend. Sammy looks very comfy, and your garden as always is a joy to behold.
Take care...Kali xx

Frivolitea said...

Your photographs are gorgeous. What a special garden. And the card and ATC are lovely.

Lis said...

Die Herbstpflanzen in dem Topf lassen schon etwas Wehmut in mir aufkommen. Aber du hast recht, sommerliches bekommt man ja eh nichts mehr gescheites.Ich werd auch gleich mal auf die Suche nach ein paar Blümlis gehen.
Leider war mein Wochenende nicht so schön wie deines, es war einfach nur öde :-(

monique said...

Your photographs are really beautiful.Your garden is so lovely.
What a very lovely photo of your cat.

monique said...

Hello again,

Yes,I'm the same Monique from the Netherlands that has commented on your blog a while ago.
We had some big problems with our computer for a while so I couldn't read your wonderful blog for a while. But slowly I'm finding back the wonderfyl blogs I loved to read.
I have wanted to get a blog for a while and I'm glad i have started one.
Thank you for your nice comment.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Hi Carol,
Love that sweet picture of Sammy! I bought that Echeveria, but it seems to have disappeared. Our winters are usually mild, but this last one was almost a record year for rain and I think it might have been too much for it.
Joy's ATC is lovely. It was so nice of her to take such care with her thank you.
The quality of the light in your flower pot photo looks like fall.
Hope you have a good week ahead!

PEA said...

Beautiful pictures as always and I especially love what you bought with the voucher you had won:-)

Alice said...

Carol - a photographic tour of your garden is always a delight. You have so many unusual and beautiful things amongst your lovely plants.

Sigrun said...

Hi Carol, Sammy is a realy cuty! To you make your cushions by yourself?
Caro, dein Blog baut sich so elend lange auf. Woran liegt das?


Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hi Carol....
Lovely photographs. That’s a pretty card you received from Joy. Oh! and Sammy is so gorgeous. I like the white smudge on his chin.

I love all those glass decorations you have in your garden, I never see anything like that over here.

I was pleased to see your Echeveria too. Now I bought a plant similar from the market this week, a pity it has no name. I will take a picture of it and maybe you can identify. I was wondering if it is frost hardy. Marion

Naturegirl said...

Your photos like art! I LOVE sammy!

MariaJ said...

I love your aqua photo!

One Crabapple said...

AAA WHERE TO START ? SO MUCH TO COMMENT ON .... so many nice photos.

I closed my eyes and imagined I was there in the candle's glow...

that echivera was marvelous.

Sammy was a delight on the cozy chair with sweet patchwork pillows.

I loved the globe and peering in to see the reflection there.

OH I recognized and loved Joy's art right off ! the tickets with lettering and then I saw the BEEEE.
what a nice package of art. That girl is ALRIGHT !!!

The dragonfly looked old and wise...
I think the Chinese have some tale about the dragonfly sent to watch you...keep an eye on you to report back to the gods...something like that !

I adore the Rocco Roses and there was another pink rose I forget the name of now...it is hard to keep everything in my head when on blogger you don't get to go back and check the photos / entry ...!

As usual I have had a wonderful time seeing all of your wonderful photos and plants and things !

Thank you !
Love, S.

Carol said...

It was so nice to read your comments! Thank yous!

Monique it is so nice to have you as a blog neighbor now!

Marion Sammy is a she ;-) and sure I'll have a look at your plant!

Oh Sandy, how interesting sounds that dragon fly story. They are really lwatching me all the time. I have to be careful what I do so ;-)


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