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Friday, August 18, 2006

New rose book and ripe grapes

First of all I wanna show you my favorite shot of the week:

And then I like to show you some pictures of my new rose book which is full of lovely photos, tips, recipes and creative ideas with roses. My friend and neighbor Ulla gave that to me as a gift because I have watered her garden and fed her cat while she was in vacation. I haven't expected such a lovely gift and I like it a lot! :D

And because some of you liked my little bird feeder with grapes in my last post so much, I took a photo of one of my birdhouses, also with grapes:

This is what the Geranium (Pelargonia) in the above photo looks like close up, the color is perfect, don't you think?

and this is a close up photo of the grapes in the birdhouse photo. I think they also look perfect now:

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend dear readers (or in my case I should better say watchers, because I don't write too much) and blogging friends and neighbors!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, I have become addicted to your site and Nature Girl's. I can hardly wait to see what is new and exciting in your yard and as usual you never disappoint. Beautiful pictures, so romantic and charming. I bet you can't wait to get home from work and just relax in your gorgeous sanctuary. Love it!!! TWT

P.S. Have a great weekend too.

PEA said...

Beautiful pictures...they are a delight to look at and I just love the way everything shows up so clearly! How awesome to have grapes growing too!!! Have a wonderful weekend:-)

Mrs. Staggs said...

Carol...those grapes, my goodness!!
Love the color of the geranium. I have only one in that color. It was a gift from a dear friend. I see you have a nice friend as well. The book is the perfect gift for you. Those georgeous photos of roses! They are almost as beautiful as YOUR rose photos!
A happy weekend to you as well!

Salix Tree said...

It's always a pleasure to "visit" your garden. I am always amazed!

Britt-Arnhild said...


Lis said...

Mmh, die Trauben sehen ja zum reinbeissen aus. Kann man sie auch essen oder sind sie mehr als Vogelfutter gedacht?
Schönes Wochenende. Bei uns scheint heute die Sonne und es ist herrlich warm.

LostRoses said...

Carol, your garden should be in that beautiful rose book! I love your purple glass ball, I've never seen one quite like that.

I'm happy to report that the birds are no longer trying to land on the glass globe that I used to replace their birdbath!

snappy said...

Sumptuous photo's again Carol, your blog is so nice to look at again and again.The photo's are all rich in details.You see something new each time you look.
Beautiful Rose book, you seem to have very nice friends who keep giving you pink/rose gifts.
The grapes look amazing, even after all the rain, then heat.Enjoy your weekend...

Naturegirl said...

Ok now that's enough! You have GRAPES growing in your garden of eden too!!Tell us who the hunk is that you have hiding in the bushes feeding you these grapes of love! Wonderful absolutely wonderful photos!I'm comeing to Germany for a vacation and I am sure TWT will carry my suitcases!

Kerri said...

Wonderful pictures of your gorgeous garden Carol! Our grapes vines are still too young to produce much.
How nice of your friend to bring you such a lovely gift. That's a beautiful book!
I hope you're enjoying some nice weather. We had rain on Saturday, but some lovely sunshine today.

Carol said...

Aww TWT you are so nice! What a pity that you don't have a blog!I'd love to meet NG and you one time!

Ja Lis die Trauben kann man essen und sie sind lecker süß!

The weather was very mixed here too Kerri!

You all are so nice and I always enjoy all your lovely comments! Thank you very much!!!

Karen said...

I am coming late to these posts because it seems I had some problems with my blog reader and I missed these posts! I had a pelargonium that colour last year and it was my absolute favourite. I couldn't find one like it this year, so the ones in my urns are my current favourites.

Every time I see those type of glass ball decorations in the shops here I think of you and your garden and I wonder if there might be a place for them in mine -- but no. My garden is not like yours and it would not be the same. I love all your decorations, and you have been able to do so much in a small space. It is so lovely! I always enjoy your photos.


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