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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Second array of roses

My "Rokoko" rose is flowering for the second time now, yeah!

so is my David Austin "Heritage" rose

I've just had to cut some to take them inside, because the weather is quite cool and rainy at the moment, really autumn/fall like

Cosmos is blooming quite well now:

so are my Morning Glories:

Other roses are getting fresh sprouts and buds now, well I guess the summer will come back again sooner or later.


snappy said...

I have photographed my one rose that is flowering.So,i love looking at yours.David Austin roses, nice.
The morning glory is gorgeous, ha ha a pink flower for you.Its cold here today, was shivering outside.the weather is turning i think.

Sigrun said...

Carol, I also feel like autumn. The Asters are flowering now (Divaricatus). And the Helenium. But- we have enough photos for the winter!


Lis said...

Da ich ja nicht so gut englisch kann, lass ich mir meinen Text manchmal von "Google" übersetzen. Da kommen dann manchmal solche wirren Texte dabei heraus *g*
Bei mir blühen auch noch viele Rosen. Jetzt wo es kühler (zu kühl) ist halten aber wenigstens die Blüten länger

Carol said...

Beautiful flowers! My roses are between blooms right now, but my Cecil Brunner climber is filled with tiny buds, which should be out in a couple of weeks. Your plants all look so lush, that I'm wondering if you get a lot of rain. When we lived in Bremerhaven it would rain most days.

Mrs. Staggs said...

We are a little drizzly here today, but I managed to get out into the garden to do a little cutting back. I'm hoping for a real rainy day soon. My garden would certainly benefit from one.
One of my favorite flowers is a morning glory. I enjoyed seeing yours.
What a lovely bouquet Carol.
I enjoyed seeing it! Thank you.

Naturegirl said...

Lovely photos as usual..we are so in love with our roses! What are we going
to do when the season ends..:( Oh I know post photos of our roses!!

LostRoses said...

Oh, your Heritage rose! Lovely! I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed mine while it was still alive. Can't remember what happened to it, maybe I forgot to water it one dry winter. Another reason for my name.

Gorgeous photos as usual!

Deb said...

Carol, thank you for stopping by my blog...I love having visitors. Your roses are just beautiful; I wish mine looked that good, but the beetles are terrible here this year. You have a lovely site, and I will visit again,

Anita said...

Like every time I visit your blog, I enjoy looking at your wonderful photos. Today, I especially like the "bouquet de fleurs" (in your living room?).
The summer definitively has to come back. But let's hope we do not have to wait too long. Unfortunately, the weather forecast announced a quite rainy and stormy week-end for the north of Germany.

Anonymous said...

I never tire of looking at your beautiful roses. How I wish I could be there to take in the beauty and scent. Gorgeous. TWT

P.S. Looks like I'm winning the battle with black spot. My rose bushes look healthy and some are already sprouting buds.Hurray!!!! Thanks for your great advise and inspiring photos.

Sofia Barao said...

that's funny Carol, it really is a small world, Cordula is your sister I had already visited her website and I really do like a lot her work.
Thanks Carol :) your flowers look amazing, today it's raining here and it's even a little bit cold.

Cookie said...

Your garden has been just glorious this Summer. I have enjoyed it so much through our cold Winter. Thank you Carol for sharing with us. Hugsss

Alice said...

Your garden is still so beautiful. I'm glad you're having some cooler weather, and even some rain, but I guess you're hoping that autumn doesn't come too quickly.

Hulda said...

Wonderful photoes of your roses. Mine are still blooming too. It is lovely. I really like your pink swap gifts. :)


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