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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What's blooming

in my garden in the summer month of August?

Well there is the Phlox in the border:

and another new Phlox:

Anemone hupehensis:

Deliciously scenting Sweet peas "Matucana"

another Penstemon:

and still Echninacea purpurea

Campanula medium blooming for the second time:

Cosmos, Roses etc. in the big border:


Lis said...

Dein Phlox steht aber noch sehr schön da, meiner ist schon verblüht und ich habe ihn nun zurückgeschnitten.
Man sieht dass der Regen dem Garten gut getan hat, alles sieht wieder viel frischer aus. Wie immer ist es wunderschön bei dir, aber wie könnte es auch anderst sein!

Dawn said...

Lovely! I miss my cosmos! *note to self: plant cosmos!
I have one echinachea (sp?) that has hung on for dear life after the woodchuck episode. I am counting on next year now!
Thanks for the relaxing views of your "secret garden"..

Vintage Collage & Quilts said...

I love dropping by to see your beautiful flowers.


MariaJ said...

Echninacea purpureas are like umbrellas. I'm really fond of these. Mine are white and start to bloom soon.

gena said...

Yet again I feel like I am visiting the secret garden,that delightful story book I read as a child! The colours in your garden sit so well together,do you plan it that way or is it a happy coincedence? you have the greenest fingers I know of! It is so absolutely stunning! well done Carol!

PEA said...

You still have many beautiful flowers that are blooming...lovely!! When I was in Niagara Falls I found a blue glass ball ornament with bird on top, very similar to what you have and I just love it:-)Ever since I had seen yours in your garden, I wanted to get one but they are hard to find around here!!

Rosa said...

You have an absolutely gorgeous garden! Wow!!

Anonymous said...

Just love all the colours in your garden (especially the coneflower and phlox)but also wanted to say "wow" to your hydrangea wreath picture on NG's blog. Is that from your garden and did you make it? I absolutely love it!!!TWT

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love that sweet pea! Your garden is amazingly beautiful for August. Mine is starting to wind down some now. I need to work harder at getting a few more late blooming things into it.

Naturegirl said...

Carol amazing photos!The fairies must have sprinkled pink dust all over! Your garden is just so interesting with all your ornamentation in blue! I see you also have a silver gazing ball..I move mine around to get different reflections.Love the photo with your cat! (p.s. Your wreath is lovely with it's various colors!)

snappy said...

Beautiful as always, love all the pinks.I want to try to grow some coneflowers,they are fabulous.

Sigrun said...

Hi, Carol, cats are always the best decoration in a garden!

Übrigens, eines deiner Bilder ist zu breit,deswegen ist dein Profil nach unten gerutscht!


Salix Tree said...

Your garden is just breathtaking!
I am lately getting a bit disillusioned with mine.. my roses are all being eaten by larva, there is dust over everything from new houses being built, weeds are popping up everywhere, and my veggies are covered with aphids. Sad state of things, and am working hard to fix it every day.
At least I can come to your blog and be full of hope again. That someday in the future my garden will look at least half as nice as yours.
By the way, the purple phlox is beautiful! I have never grown phlox before!

Carol said...

As always I so enjoyed to read all your lovely comments, thanks a lot dear blogging friends, neighbors and sisters!


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