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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another day, another swap!

The Pink Swap!

This delightful swap, as posted before, was organised by Sandy from Arttealife.blogspot.com and I enjoyed participating very much! Yesterday I found my gorgeous swap parcel from my dear Australian blogging friend Mrs. Robyn on the stairs in front of my house when I came home from work. I knew at once that it was the pink swap parcel, because it was packed in pink paper! What a joy do receive such a parcel! Here are all the goodies:

I could't take single photos of everything this time, because my batteries went low, but I think one can see all the lovely things quite well on this picture. There is a big pink and white tea towel, very elegant pink garden gloves, a crotcheted doily, a rose scenting soap bar, two pink bath lotions, an enchanting little tarte form and a beautiful vintage card called "The pink of perfection" and a self made pink tag. I like it very much and I'm going to use it all Robyn and I'm very thankful for your friendship and generosity. Oh I just love 2 swap! xox


miss*R said...

so glad that it got there finally! enjoy, sweet gal xox

Sigrun said...

Hi Carol, that is a parcel for my daughter Runa, she loves this colour! Very nice!


Shell said...

Ooh, lovely, delicious pink! What a rich and vibrant shade everything is. Lucky gal!

Naturegirl said...

Especially chosen for you Carol lovely items!I missed this swap but next time I won't!Nice choices Ms. Robyn!:)

One Crabapple said...

ohhh how beautiful !!!

I have been going over and over everything again and again in this wonderful photo.

Oh what a great pink package ! that Robyn knows how to swap !

It is beautiful. It must have brought a smile to your face just SEEING that pink paper ! what a good idea. It is eye popping.

weirdbunny said...

What a lovely swap package!


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