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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Autumnal garden photos

At this time of the year I also like some orange color in my garden, especially combined with blue and purple:

I love pansies and violas in spring as well as in autumn:

These are the last flowers of my "Claude Monet" rose for this year:

The vine grapes in front of my living room window are very sweet and tasty now and I love it when the leaves are getting some reddish color:

This grass is new and also has reddish leaves:

Well, despite of the season my summer flowers are still going strong:

We have wonderful warm fall weather at the moment so I think they will still bloom for some time :D


Lis said...

Orangefarbenes bei dir? Ich staune immer mehr *g*
Die Trauben sehen echt lecker aus. Bekommst du auch was ab, oder holen sich die Vögel den Löwenanteil?

Carol said...

Ja Lis aber nur wenig und in bestimmten Kombinationen ;-) Oh meine Augusta-Luise blüht auch gerade wieder so schön orangerosa, herrlich! So viele Trauben, wie da dran sind, kann meine Familie gar nicht essen, deshalb dürfen sich die Amseln auch gerne bedienen!

Dawn said...

Your flowers are so lovely...mine are waning now.
Even so, the season is beautiful here.

Anita said...

Oh, the other side of that "fresh flowers" box is pretty as well! The with summer flower in the hanging basked, that's nicotia, right? Lovely photos again!

Anonymous said...

Okay Carol now I'm feeling totally jealous. Today here in ontario,canada, we had howling winds, freezing temperatures and a brief period of SNOW. Yes, snow. I haven't seen snow in October since, well I don't think I've ever seen snow in October. I can't even relate to your pictures, that kind of summer beauty already feels like a life time ago. If the wind keeps up like this we won't even be able to enjoy the fall leaves. Grrrr. Feeling sorry for myself, lol. TWT

Another Carol said...

Stunning photos as usual, Carol! The pansies look gorgeous on your blue table. My mother used to grow white Nicotania, which would self sow (no such luck for me) each year and give us much pleasure with it's beautiful scent come evening. I too love the grape picture with the red tinged leaves. Is the lovely fleur de lis ornament new? Thanks as usual for sharing all of your pretties with us!

Naturegirl said...

Those grape vines are devine!I can taste them from here!Yours bursts of color shown.. beautifull!! Such a shame that our wonderful blossoms will soon tremble in the autumn winds calling for Jack Frost:(

Karen said...

Those grapes make a beautiful photo! I know you like vintage stuff, but I really think you should print that photo and make some kind of collage or other project with it.

Salix Tree said...

I just love your flowers and plants photos! Claude Monet rose... ooohhhh..
I am planning to buy a Monet along with a couple other roses from Delbard, all thier "painters" roses are such beauties. Just wanted to thank you for introducing me to it!
Love the violas.. such sweet flowers, my favorite flowers!

LostRoses said...

I'm so glad you found some purple fountain grass, Carol, and what a fine specimen. So pretty with the other autumn colors. I'm sorry to say my Nicotiana are history since the snowstorm. Yours look lovely still.


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