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Friday, October 20, 2006

Short sunny autumn days

Dear bloggers, friends and readers,
after several complaints about my blog taking too long to load I've decided to post pictures not in size BIG anymore, I'll chose size MEDIUM instead, let's see if this helps, I hope so! I know it takes long to load when you are still on a dial up, but normally it should be okay with broadband/fast internet. For me it always loads within a few seconds. Please let me know if you are still experiencing any major loading probs. Thank you!

First of all I wanna thank everyone who has attended my little rose-tea-party, it was such a pleasure to welcome so many of my dear blogging friends and neighbors at the "Boxwood Cottage" ! :D Now let's go and continue the tour through my little cottage garden back yard:

I still have a lot of blooming flowers, the Cosmos on the right in the picture below is a big flowering bush now:

"Augusta" Luise has got two more beautiful and scenting blooms:

I've sowed this Hollyhock for the next season, but it has decided that the time is too long to wait and to flower already right now:

Two birds of a little bird bath which is hanging from my maple tree:

The sedum is kind of glowing in the warm fall sun:

If blogger is nice and likes me today you should be able to enlarge the pictures by clicking on it!

Happy weekend to everyone who might pop in here! xox


Lis said...

So wie ich das jetzt verstanden habe haben manche Blogger Schwierigkeiten damit, dass es zu lange dauert bis die Fotos geladen sind. Also bei mir klappt das sofort, allerdings haben wir halt auch einen DSL Anschluss. Ohne den sind die Ladezeiten bestimmt recht lang.
Wish your a nice weekend

Clare said...

I'm so disappointed I missed your tea party! I do hope you'll have another one! As always, your garden looks utterly delightful, all thanks to your hard work I'm sure! Clare x

Shannon said...

You're garden inspires me so much! I can only dream to have such a beauty in my back yard! I wish I lived closer to you so I could experience it in real life.

zUzU said...

Oh Carol ...

Blogger is happy with your pictures today as am I.
What a beautful home. I think I must have seed from that hollyhock! Please? ::giggle:: lovely!

You have even thought of the birds & I wish only to sit at that gorgeous blue table to watch it all.

I have always thought that the garden is the place we truly live in ... For me at least. The cottage is there because sometimes it rains.

Boxwood Cottage is wonderful. Inside and out. A dream.

=^..^= zU
Thank you for the note ...
Yes Franz is doing grand things!
I just know it!

Anita said...

Oh Carol, your garden still looks phantatic and colourful at this time of the year. Thanks lot for lovely Rose Tea Party, I really appreciated the invitation... ;-'))
Those two little birds are so cute.
Have a wonderfull week-end!

creani said...

Schau mal Carol wer dir hier schreibt ;-) Ich kann Bilder sehen, und zwar alle! Egal ob klein oder groß *juhu* Du hast es so schön, drinnen wie draußen.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Your site loads fine for me Carol, just a little slower than some, maybe because of the number of posts on your front page?
Your garden is still looking so lovely. That hollyhock is wonderful. I've not seen that color before. I love my Autumn Joy sedum. It is blooming in my garden right now too!
Thanks again my dear, for the lovely tea and garden tour.

kelly said...

Your garden is truly magical, what an excellent job you have done. I like the little wire table in front of the wicker "sofa" I think.


MariaJ said...

Haa, your cute birds reminds me of something....my Woodpecker cottage. LOL

Your Hollyhokes are beautiful. What will happen to them if they bloom now? Will those flowers bloom any more next year?
I have these also but I'll see the blooming next year. I dont even remember the colour I've chocen. Hope its pink!

Hannele said...

Nice mosaic, lovely picktures.

Daisy Lupin said...

Ah Blogger has been kind enough to let me comment on your site today. I loved the tea party and the tour of your garden. Your garden doesn't seem large but there seems to be so many parts to it and things in it. You will have to draw a plan of it. I think our plants are behaving very strangely this mild autumn.

Jean said...

I've been enjoying your site for sometime now but had dialup and didn't always have time to wait. I was very excited to check your pics out now that I have DSl. Love all your pics! Your garden is fabulous!

Karen said...

I've never had a problem with your site, but now I am wondering if my site is giving anyone problems. I guess they will tell me like they told you. You are so lucky to still enjoy nice mild weather. Your garden is still lovely!

Pamela said...

Your garden flowers are just absolutely breathtaking. I love the Hollyhock, my goodness, I have never seen a more perfectly formed flower! I could just drink it in all day. I do not have a green thumb, but I adore nature and beautiful plants. :)

Becky said...

Hi Carol,
I always enjoy your photos and have no problems loading your blogg.

Salix Tree said...

*waves at Carol* Hi!! Just saw you on Anita's blog!

rusty in miami said...

Hi Carol, I am new to blogging the pictures from your garden are fantastic no problem loading at my end

Naturegirl said...

Imagine being able to wave a ~MAGIC~ wand and create the perfect garden...you have managed to do just that Liebste Carol!!You have created a vision of ~Perfection~!You dazzle us all with your
BTW I do wait forever to get downloaded here but it is WORTH THE WAIT!:)

cityfarmer said...

I'm popping in to take a spo'of tea...no problem with DSL...
be sure to stay caught up...we're so in to baseball right now...the chairs are being re-upholstered as we speak...a thing of beauty they will be.

Rosa said...

Carol! I am so sorry I haven't posted on Bremen yet!! The hub had all the pics on his computer but I got them yesterday!! Yahoo. I'll start with Amsterdam and then move on to Bremen. I love your city!! I loved the town center and everything. Can't wait to go through my pics and remind me of everything there! xo

Rosa said...

PS Sorry I missed your tea party! And your garden is just lovely, still! xo

Carol said...

I'm glad to read that for most of you my blog opens okay or fast *sigh* Thanks for letting me know dear bloggers and friends!

Ja Lis das hast Du richtig verstanden!

Hallo Nicole, schön Dich hier zu sehen!

Oh no Clare don't be disappointed please I'll throw another party sometime soon ;-)

Thank you Lena I'll try to change the number of posts that are shown on the first page in my settings!

Zuzu sure it's a pleasure for me to send you some hollhock seeds!

Maria I dunno, but I hope they will still bloom next year too!

Shannon :D! Long time no see!

*waves back to Sylvia Salix*

Nice to meet you Kelly, Jean, Pamela and Rusty in Miami, welcome to my blog!:D

Anna you are very welcome!

Oh Rosa no problem, I'll patiently wait to see them, thank you!

One Crabapple said...

HI Carol ! your site did download faster today at work ! (not dial up here either- have not checked that yet at home)

and just for the record ! I was not complaining !!! only mentioned it as a FYI.I hope you know!

Love that blue table so ooo much.
~ S.

linda t said...

I can't believe your photos!!! I have found heaven on earth!
Sooo excited to have discovered you!
I am a gardener from Phx, Arizona. We garden year round... but it very different from the gardening we did on our dairy farm growing up in Wisconsin.

I will need my "Carol's garden in Germany" fix every day!


Belle-ah said...

GORGEOUS! It is all so very lovely. Thank you so much for sharing!

LeighAnn said...

I could only dream of having a garden as lovely as yours!



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