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Thursday, October 05, 2006

I've got mail!

Oh dear bloggers and readers I just have to share with you my latest marvellous swap parcel. It is a private rose and magazine swap which I'm doing with Niki of the delightsome blog http://nostalgiaatthestonehouse.blogspot.com/

Click on the pictures to enlarge:

All was beautifully packed with gorgeous fabric fibers and little fabric rose heart tags and beautiful rose postcards:

Niki has made me one of her wonderful vintage rose fabric bags with an old postcard in the center and a pretty pin cushion also from vintage rose fabric:

If you are intrigued now, go have a look, because Niki is selling her wonderful bags from vintage fabrics and other charming vintage goodies here: http://www.nostalgia-stonehouse.co.uk/

This is the backside of the bag:

And it is also beautiful from the inside:

Thank you so much dear Niki it was a real pleasure to swap with you! Your rose collage is finished and I'm just waiting for some new magazines to come out to put them in your parcel and then I'll send it to you! xox

I'm now planning on having a cosy afternoon at home tomorrow with a cuppa of the delicious chocolate and cinnamon tea which I've got from Nature Girl in my chocolate swap parcel while reading my lovely new English magazines :D


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

You are very welcome Carol!!
I am so glad that you loved the pressies- it was a pleasure to make them for you, as I know you love all things nostalgic and roses too!
I love the photos that you took.
Enjoy the magazines- I think you should be a photographer for them!! You are very creative in your styling.
Warmest wishes, Niki.xx

monique said...

You lucky woman!!!!!!!!
Those are all beautiful things you got.
Enjoy your cosy afternoon today.
Have a great weekend.

Sigrun said...

Caro, thats a wonderful present, you have got! Nicki is very talented.

Hast du schon die neue Blog-Version besichtigt? Soll man das machen? Berate mich mal.


Anita said...

Oh Carol, receiving such a lovely swap parcel must be like X-Mas!
Enjoy your week-end - I am sure it will not be a boring one.

pinar said...

sbeautiful swap.. beautiful roses..enjoy your quiet afternoon..

Donna said...

Wow what a lucky girl you are. Beautiful presents. She is very talented that Niki!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you a lucky girl. I particularly love your last shot. It looks so feminine, soft and romantic. Are those roses from your garden? I love the idea of the roses tucked in with the candle. I've never seen that before. Are they real roses with the candle? TWT

MariaJ said...

You had a super swap. I'm sure you had an enjoyable day with chocolate etc. You got delicious things both for your soul and body.

lindaharre said...

Carol.....what a beautiful gift! I find that everyone is so generous in this blogging world. Don't you just love it! Thank you for your words of support on my blog. I really appreciate it! Hugs, Linda

Naturegirl said...

Carol you are loved by us all and you deserve to be pampered and spoiled.All those treasures you recieved with pink roses!! Now how did she know you LOVE PINK roses!I am pleased you enjoy the tea!I look forward to recieving my package..can't wait!!

Shell said...

oh what lovely things - the bag is gorgeous! Aren't British home and lifestyle magazines the best? I buy them here even though they have no relevance to our weather or lifestyle, but the pictures are so darn pretty. I totally dream of a stone cottage with a hedgerow out front and a field of wildflowers out back, with a stream and a forest behind. I don't want much really do I?

One Crabapple said...



Love that tag !
Love that BAG !

I know her ! great blog site too !

Lots of pretty pretty things to look at

Hey you got some GREAT magazines !

ps. your pictures here are nice Carol - really shows off Nikkis' things so well.

Carol said...

Thank you gals for all your generous comments!

TWT no the roses are not real, they are fabric roses!


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