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Monday, October 30, 2006

Cones and banners

So here is what I have produced over the last weekend. I've just recently discovered how much I love making Christmas cones. Oh and look, I'd just about finished it, when a little blue bird came to nest in the aqua colored angel cone :D

A silver cone, very festive, don't you agree?

Another fun thing is making Christmas banners:

What's about you, have you started to craft for Christmas yet (only 7 weeks left btw ;-) ) and will you share your ideas? I for one would love to see them, because I can never get enough inspirations!

P.S.: Btw, while visiting Tea's blog today I saw this cool new counter that she had on her site, where you can see how many people are online and from which country they are. I found this very interesting and had to install one too!


Nel said...

Beautiful and inspiring...Nel

Clare said...

Lovely! I'm in denial where Christmas is concerned but looking at your wonderful efforts I suppose I should start thinking about it! Clare x

Sheila said...

This is my first comment here, but not my first visit. Your crafts are always inspiring, and your garden is magical.thank you for sharing these things with us.
BTW...Happy Hallow e'en!

Joanna said...

I love all the christmas things, you have been so busy. Looking forward to seeing more. I've been very nuaghty not leaving many comments this last month will try better.

Karen said...

I am not so "crafty" as you. But I like to do some Christmas baking, so maybe I will show that when I do it.

Britt-Arnhild said...

I love both your cones and your new counter :-)

Daisy Lupin said...

Happy Halloween.
I love your Christmas Cones, what a good idea, I must try some of these they will look sweet hanging off my dresser.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Trick or Treat! Thanks for the Halloween greeting you left in Merryville today!
These lovely things you've made Carol...they are magnificent! You've really captured a vintage feel with them.
I love to make Christmas cones too!

Deb said...

Gorgeous cones and banners - I love the vintage look they have. The wonderful eye for detail and colour that you have in your garden spills over into your crafts. So happy to see that someone else loves Christmas as much as I do and is thinking about it already!

Becky said...

I adore the cone shapes. This is great.
I'll check out Tea's counter also. Maybe I can add it to my blog.

Anita said...

That's really a cool counter! Wow, you even had visitors for Morocco and Taiwan!
Your cones and banners are great! Of course, I will try to share my X-mas decorations!

Copper's Wife said...

So, pretty, as usual. I LOVE the banners!

One Crabapple said...

Hello ! yes I started mine !
Yes I will share.
Not much to share yet tho !

Your cones are splendid ! I love the banner too.

You really DO love this Christmas ornament making. You have been "going to town" !!

have to check out this counter you are talking about... thank you.

Baby_Tease said...

Carol, I love your cones, but especially the banners. They are wonderful. The colors and the images are very special. You did a great job. I loved the matchbox ornaments also, but I didn't see them all until tonight. Keep up the great work. Kim.

monique said...

Finally! I have been trying to place a comment on your blog for some time.I just couldn't get to the comments.
I love all those beautiful ornaments you made. They're so lovely.

Cerri said...

Oh my goodness, these are all so lovely! You do amazing work!
Thank you so much for commenting on my new blog Carol!

creani said...

wow Carol was hast du für schöne Dinge gemacht. Die Spitztüten und die Banner sind wunderschön! *N

Elizabeth said...

The cones are so lovely!

Henny said...

Deine Bastelarbeuten sind sowieso allerste Sahne und dein Counter ist guuuut.
One guest of austria online .
aber sofort!!!!!!!

Henny said...

Hab ihn schon installiert unglaublich toll. Leider nur bis 17.11 schluchz , ohne 11 Dollar zu berappen :-((

zUzU said...

Carol =^..^=

The cones are fabulous. I remember my childhood having these on the tree! They were filled with treats. My parents are German ... perhaps it is a German thing? I remember my Paternal Grandmother sending a Christmas box each year and my father and I would dive for it. Always inside were these paper cones filled with something special ... tiny toys & treats. But I think best of all was she always sent a BIG tin of Pfeffernusse cookies!

I miss those boxes!

I can hardly wait to see your Christmas photos ... I just KNOW that Boxwood Cottage is going to be the place to be for the holidays! I can already tell ::GRIN::

What else are you making?
Oooo ... show us!! Show us!!

=^..^= kisses, zU

LeighAnn said...

Those are gorgeous!

I have no talent to do something like that.

Those are just lovely!


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