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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rose tea party and freshly picked flowers

Today I cordially invite you to a *~* Rose Tea Party *~* at the "Boxwood Cottage" tomorrow afternoon to celebrate that I've finally found a name for my little house and garden!

While here can you help me to decide where to put my little white iron table with the green polka dot tin vase filled with fresh picked garden flowers?

Here?Or better here?

Here isn't that bad either, or?

After that we can go to have a little tour through the garden, starting with the front yard:

More garden tour pictures in my next post! Hope you enjoy your stay at the "Boxwood Cottage"!


Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh Carol, thank you so much for the lovely visit! Everything was just beautiful, especially the table set for tea. I can't remember when I've had a more memorable time. I like the table in front of the wicker settee best. Do let us know what you decide, won't you?

MariaJ said...

Hallo Carol! Oh another good idea....a party for your new cottage name...We can all do the same dont you think? This will be fun.
Your table is beautiful everywhere, but I think I agree with mrs. staggs.
Your rosie table decorations is so inviting...hope you have much coffee cause the quests will sit there a long time!

MariaJ said...


Dawn said...

I love the lighting in the second and fourth photos of your lovely BoxWood Cottage..
Thank you for your gracious hospitality..

monique said...

What a beautiful name for your cottage.That's wonderful, a party!
It looks so beautiful in your house.

Dora said...

Oh! You have such beautiful house and garden! You are a privileged person!and a happy one, I think..

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Wow Carol,
A stunningly beautiful house AND garden....yes, more please!
I love your china tea set- so pretty.

Karen said...

By any chance is that Pflaumkuchen and Schlagsahne? If so, I'll be right over!

(If not, pardon me while I drool like Homer Simpson at the thought of those treats.)

Such an inviting cottage and a lovely rose-decorated tea set.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for inviting us. I thoroughly enjoyed my tour and the tea and treats were to die for. I look forward to returning tomorrow. Now as for placement of your floral arrangement and table, well it was a hard decision but I think that I like it best in front of the wicker loveseat. You are a most charming hostess:) TWT

Naturegirl said...

Carol Boxwood cottage a charming delight to visit! We can see from photos that you have posted that your garden is and outside extension of your interior living space!Roses everywhere..so romantic and feminine..and of course in appealing PINK!Your tin vase looks great anywhere you place it just rotate it from place to place.
Thank you for the tea I'll just dip my finger into that bowl of mmmm whip cream!! :)

Anita said...

Thanks a lot for inviting us to your rose tea party, I'd love to come over! What a nice idea and what very terrific photos of your living room! I have just written a comment to Maria's blog. She named her house as well! The name "Cottage" for itself is already so charming.

Lis said...

Aha, du hast also deinen Blognamen also auch schon geändert und möchtest das nun mit uns feiern? Oder hab ich da was falsches gelesen *g*
Ich glaube aber nicht, und hiermit gratuliere ich dir ganz herzlich zu deinem neuen Namen :-)

Ulla said...

Truly delightful Carol! I love the name, and the tour... May I help pour out the tea? Best wishes to you!

Salix Tree said...

Thankies for the invite, tea would be lovely!
So charming! Ooh, what's that cake? Looks yummy. What a cheerful house! So tidy and friendly looking. I can just smell the flowers and candles...
And a little tour.. pretty hedges!
I like the little table by the big wicker chair, the colors go so well together.
This is a neat idea, having a little party! Hi everybody!
*sips the tea* mmmm...

lindaharre said...

Carol......I am on my way for tea at the Boxwood Cottage! and let me thank you for the invite:-D Also, thanks so much for ALL your lovely comments on my blog. I do appreciate each and every one of them....even though I am not always able to write! Love your blog.......Linda

zUzU said...

Oh Carol!! =^..^=

This is the best little tea party ...
and I know a wonderful tea when I see one ::wink:: and that rose tea set ::swoon:: goodness! Yum!

Best of all, I adore the idea that your cottage is the guest of honor. She deserves it ... what a beauty. My cottage has a name too as I can not imagine a cozy little place not having been given one!

Boxwood Cottage.
It says it all.
As delightfully inviting as your pictures of her.

I can almost smell the wonderful scents in the garden from your pictures ... especially the little boxwoods (I love the smell of boxwood and must always brush my fingers through it as I walk past.)

Now ... Is your cottage actually as tiny as I think? 4.5 metres wide? That would be about ... 15 feet? Is that 225 Squared? My cottage is perhaps your cottage's big sister at just a wee 6.09 metres wide! Aren't bitsy nests just perfect?

I can see you love your nest dearly. Thank you SOooo much for sharing her with us. I can hardly wait to see more! Now which wings to wear to the teaparty ... I must go decide.
See you soon.

=^..^= zU

Kim said...

I just found your cottage blog and all I can say is "Wow!" What delightful photos! I'm working on turning my home into a comfy, cozy cottage and am loving all the ideas and photos found here. I look forward to coming back and would be pleased to have you "visit" me at my little cottage:)

cityfarmer said...

Stumbled upon this during a commercial on a baseball game...I'm charmed...I know Niki and a few others...nice to meet you...chat soon.

Also an avid gardener

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Carol, as always, your settings are simply wonderful, looking through your blog is such a delight, it’s like turning the pages of some beautifully illustrated ‘Home & Garden’ magazine.

Thank you for the invite to take tea with you, your table setting looks divine. May I sit on your wicker seat at the white table please, I like it best there. Everything is just perfect.

Carol, thank you so much for for sending me the information about the glass ball garden decorations, I’m thrilled I can obtain them over here at last. It was very thoughtful of you. Marion

Hannele said...

Lovely rose teaparty, nice boxpictures.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am in LOVE! I must thank my friend, Pauline, for sharing your lovely blog with me! I adore your cottage ~ perfect name!! Everything is so beautiful and inspiring!! I will be back again and again to visit! You have a precious home!!! Hope you don't mind but I will add your blog to my favorites list on mine. :-)


Lae said...

Hi! Nice blog! Add me to ur links http://2funnypictures.blogspot.com and let me know, i will add u, thanks :)

Kerri said...

Carol, I made it to your party, even with my laryngitis! (I'll just try not to talk too much :)
What a lovely idea. Thanks for inviting me.
Such a pretty table setting in pink. Your little table looks especially pretty in front on the wicker couch and rose pillows.
Boxwood Cottage is a perfect name. Clever mom! :)

Carol said...

Oh hello Lena, Ulla, Kerri, Maria, Dawn, Monique, Niki, Anna, Sylvia, Lis, Anita, Karen, Lisa, Linda, Hannele, Zuzu and Marion welcome to my Cottage!

I'm so glad that you've all made it to my party and liked it here :D

Great to see some new visitors here too Welcome to both of the Cottage Kim's and the Cityfarmer and Dora and thanks for your gracious comments and to the fellow cottage blog neighbours I say thanks a lot for adding me to your links, of course I link your gorgeous cottage blogs back!

Sure Maria go on and throw a party for your lovely Woodpeckers Cottage!

Marion you are very welcome, I'm glad that you liked the glass globes I was so happy when I coincidentally found them on an English webshop because I knew you were still searching for some to buy for your garden.

Zuzu what a lovely comment :D! I have no clue what my cottage might be in feet, it's only 100 square meters big in 3 levels including a nice loft room + a complete basement.

Let's go out in the garden now to smell the last flowers!

LostRoses said...

So sorry I'm late for the rose tea party! But what a lovely setting, inside and out. Are you sure you don't live in a fairy tale? It sure looks like it to me. And I love the name Boxwood Cottage, so appropriate!

Becky said...

Your Boxwood Cottage is the most lovely-est (sp??) and I am so glad you share with us.

Thanks for visiting me at the "pumpkin farm" ha ha ha, but I don't know what PMSL means.

linda t said...

The colors are so vivid and real, I can almost smell their scent. I want to be there!

Joann said...

So sorry I missed your lovely party! I'm sure all of your guests had a splendid time dining at the beautifully set table and chatting in your gardens! Next time I'm in Bremen I'll drop in for a tad and we can have a nice visit... BEAUTIFUL pictures, Carol!!! :)


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