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Monday, May 22, 2006

Bird Swap

Delila from http://sepia-art-studio.typepad.com/blog/ is just organising another "pretty bird swap"! I'm participating this time :D What about you?

Go quick and sign up for this fabulous swap! Last day to sign up is the 24th of May! I'd like to swap with one of you, so have a look here please: http://sepia-art-studio.typepad.com/blog/


Naturegirl said...

What is a bird swap?? I"ll check back
for an answer.Very creative anyway.

Carol said...

In a bird swap you swap pretty bird related items, like eggs, nests, littel birds made out of porceleine, or wood, or papier-mâché or whatever, bird stamps, bird stationery and note cards, a journal with bird pictures on, bird wallpapers or what ever bird related ideas you come up with!

If you go to Delilas blog http://sepia-art-studio.typepad.com/blog/ and scroll down a bit you'll see her post about the swap, just click on the photo and you can read all the details about the swap! Just drop her a line and you are in!

Carol said...

Btw, I've already asked you that under one of your last posts here, what is your first name soul sis?


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