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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Some May flowers

Yesterday we've had the last day of the beautiful weather period and I took some photos of May flowers in my garden. Today is the first rainy day of the last 3 weeks. I guess my garden will love it, but I hope this greyness will not last too long!

The first alliums and clematis at my rose arc are finally blooming:

The wisteria is in full bloom now

I've bought a new little syringa/lilac two weeks ago and it has also just started to open it's tender blossoms

Well and this in the two last photos is my virburnum opolus, it hast just changed it's color from a beautiful light green to white. Don't you also think that the blossoms looks almost like a hydrangea, just smaller?


Kristy said...

I love alliums they are so majestic!

Mumintroll said...

Ja genau..der Schneeball ähnelt wirklich der Hortensie. Ich mag beide Pflanzen sehr. In meinem Garten wächst eine Anabelle Hortensie..auf den ersten Blick könnte man sie mit dem Schneeball verwechseln...aber wirklich nur auf den ersten Blick
Ich schaue immer wieder bei deinem Blog vorbei. Dein Garten gefällt mir sehr gut.
Lieber Gruss mumintroll

Sigrun said...

Hi Carol, your wisteria is a living dream! No, I think not that your viburnum flowers looks like hydrangea, they are smaller!
I have plant a Anabelle now and can't wait for the flowers!


Peggy said...

You are so ahead of us on blooming flowers. Love the photos

Maggie Ann said...

My alliums are blooming...all four of them, its the first time I've planted the bulbs and I hope they reproduce like crazy...Your garden pics are very inspiring Carol! Love them.

Naturegirl said...

I thought it was a hydrangea.The blues and violets and the wisteria...I love them all...we should be neighbors but I'll settle for "soul sisters" in our gardens!! P.S. we have been having the rain and look forward to the sun!!

PEA said...

Your pictures are so clear, you can almost smell the flowers:-) I love all your flowers and I can't wait until my flowers are in full bloom like that! You've given me so many ideas already on how I want my garden to look like too:-)

audrey said...

I love all these latest pics. The wisteria is beautiful. Oh, to be able to walk through your garden in real life :0)

Garden girl said...

carol - because you post so many lovely photos in your blog sometimes does not load up properly. I s it just me or are others finding it they have to wait a long time before the blog loads up?? I love to see things quickly !!! lol!

Lis said...

Deine Fotos sind immer wieder ein Augenschmauss

gena said...

Carol what I wouldnt give to wander around your garden! it is truly beautiful and your wisteria is stunning,I love also the little bits and pieces you have around the garden it all adds up to a wonderful wonderful place!

Cookie said...

Yes I have trouble everytime I open your blog too. It takes so long for all the pics to open up and I, like Catherine, am so impatient to see everything. The wisteria is just stunning !!!!! You certainly have a green thumb! Hugsss

Carol said...

I'm really sorry to read that for some of you my blog takes ages to open. Do you use broadband? I've tried one day to open my blog from a friends pc in cologne who had a simple modem without broadband and it took over an hour to open *EEK* I don't think as a modem user I would ever try again to open this blog. I too like it to open it at once! Well I use broadband here at home and at work too and it opens very quickly, it just takes a few seconds. The only thing I know of that I could do to change it for those who still use an old modem would be to make the photos smaller, but my blog is all about the photos so I wouldn't reall< want to do it. Again I'm sorry but it looks as if I can't be of much help here :(

Hallo Mumintroll und herzlich willkommen in meinem Blog :D
Ich finde auch der Schneeball sieht der Anabelle sehr ähnlich. Ich liebe auch beide Pflanzen, allerdings hab ich zu wenig Schatten in meinem Gärtchen, so dass sich Hortensien hier nicht richtig wohlfühlen. Danke für Dein Kompliment!

Yes Kristy they are indeed!

Ach Al ;-), hab ich doch geschrieben,"fast" wie eine Hortensie, nur kleiner/smaller

Naturegirl it's so nice to have found a soul sister in you! :D I'm looking forward to see more photos of your garden. What's your first name btw? I have to know now that we're sisters!

Oh Peggy I can't believe that we are ahead of blooming here up north of Germany. Is it colder up where you live? Thanks!

Cookie I always thought that Garden girls name was Krissie hm, I wonder why?

Maggie I'm glad to read that you also can enjoy blooming alliums in your garden! Thanks!

Audrey and Gena you would walk through my garden very quickly as small as it is! Thanks!

Danke Lis!

Pea last but not least welcome to my blog and thank you for your kind comments!I'm always glad when I can inspire someone, however! :D

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

You are so right they do look like hydrangea! The light purple is enchanting! I wish I could stand in your garden and smell the beauty!


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