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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Some more impressions

out of my spring garden. It's so exciting to see something new grow or bloom every day and to decorate it is so much more fun than it was in winter:


Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm enjoying it all with you Carol!
Your garden is wonderful and so interesting with all of your things decorating it.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

You are the prettiest flower in the garden! Carol, did you paint the trellis blue? I like that idea!!

Sigrun said...

Carol, know is the beautifulst time of the year. I like the fresh green in the garden and in the moment i was outside and have taken 50 photos!


Carol said...

Thank you ladies for enjoying my garden with me!

Corey my dad has build the trellis for me and painted it blue. Thank you! :D How are your garden works going ahead btw?

Al yes it is indeed the most beautiful time of the year and I'm doing it just like you, I can't stop taking photos of my garden at the moment.

gena said...

Hello Carol! thank you for your kind comments on my blog,I find your garden fascinating and inspirational,we do seem to have much in common! I shall bookmark you and keep visiting!

Dawn said...

It is all oh so beautiful!!!!I need to get out to mine to tackle the weedies.

Britt Arnhild said...

Your garden is amazingly beautiful Carol. I love to visit.

Naturegirl said...

Carol the glass balls, the gazing ball
your placement of them...show stoppers!! Is that "lavender" in the third picture beneath the blue glass!!
I grow lavender throughout my garden I love the fragrance it gives off!
You and I are surely soul sisters as we have and LOVE the same things!!How do you insert your name on photos??

Cookie said...

Stunning as always Carol. I cant believe how the garden has bounced back after being covered in so much snow all Winter. Its amazing!! Hugsss

weirdbunny said...

It's looking realy fantastic. I bought some china mushrooms for our garden but a cat or something has knocked one down and its smashed!

Joanna said...

I love the glass balls they compliment everything so beautifuly. The one with the bird is my favourite.

Lis said...

Dear Carol

You have a verry nice garden and all your decoration is beautiful


vicci said...

What is that pod flower starting to open??? It looks awesome! Love the garden!

Sandy said...

You and your mom should really open a garden ornament store. You have such great stuff.

Cookie said...

Happy Mothers Day Carol. Hugssss

Carol said...

I loved to read all your comments, as always.

Vicci I'm not sure which plant do you mean? In which picture?

Gena, thank you! I'll visit your blog again soon as well!

Yes naturegirl the blue glassball is indeed beside of the lavender. It's very nice to have met another soulsiter here :D Concerning the editing of my photos, I do it with adobe photoshop and sometimes with fotopic.net

Hey Lis! Nice to read you here :D!

Sandy, I could never have a store, I couldn't sell anything I would want to keep it all for myself ;-)

Cookie - thank you! For you too! In Germany Mothers Day is on this Sunday!


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