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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Delicious Scents

I love the delicious scents of all the scrumptious goodies of "L'Occitane en Provence" with scents like rose bonbon, vanilla, green tea, amber, honey, almond, orange, lavender etc.. My friend Heidi is a cosmetician/beautician and she only uses natural products. When I visited her last week she's got all these gorgeous L'Occitane stuff. I could have stayed forever and just smell the tasty scents and look at all the beautiful packages, tins and bottles and I suddenly felt the need to have it all ha ha, but at the end of the day I was a good girl and just bought this wonderful fragrance spray called "Eau des 4 reines" Fragrance of the 4 Queens: Four royal roses comprise the heart notes of this delicious and fruity spray infused with muted hints of violet, black currant leaves, white cedar and heliotrope. Fresh and modern. An affordable luxury.

Next time I want this yummy lip balm

but there is so much more, just go have a look and discover all the lovely scents of the Provence! http://www.loccitane.com/

Other than that I feel a bit weird at the moment as I haven't done much in collaging or crafts the last weeks because I've spend more time seeing friends and family, doing indoor house works and gardening of course and I've moved my little studio upstairs in our houses top room, to get my living room free of all this paper and crafting stuff, but since it's there I don't like going up and beeing creative anymore. Hm I guess I have to get used to it first and I need a new chair for my desk upstairs (IKEA is calling me!), well I just did some little things like this spring card for example

Hip hip hurray it's May! My favourite time of the year!


Sigrun said...

Hi Carol, you are so entusiasthic with your cosmetics! I smell the scent! And I like it too!


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

la rose est belle!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I like this time of year too...love my garden best in Spring and early summer.
Everything in your post is so pretty! I feel the same way as you about crafting away some where. My stuff always migrates into the rest of the house...even though I have a craft room.

judypatooote said...

Smells of Candles and body cremes I just love them.....I always have a candle or two burning....my granddaughters Ali and Jenson use to always put their hand up in front of my face, when we walked by the Bath and Body Works, and they'd say "Keep on Walking Grandma"......because I always had to stop in and take in some smells... You do have a pretty sight.......you know how they have catalogs that have a scratch and sniff area, well wouldn't it be great if we could scratch and sniff our computer screen for a smell or two.....only good smells allowed though.....LOL

Joanna said...

They look lovely cosmetics. I have some extra special smelly soaps for when we are camping its heaven when you are roughing it to have the luxuary of nice smelly soap.

Your collage is pretty I like the butterfly mirrored by the ones in the background.

ms*robyn said...

I love, love, love L'Occitane - my favourite is the plain old lavender but I also love the magnolia spray. delightful!

weirdbunny said...

I just love lip balm, nice too see some of your crafts, but with a garden as good as yours who wants to be inside making stuff!


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