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Friday, February 03, 2006

Art Party Part 3

A friend of mine has made a collage on a canvas which she has painted pinkish before:

Here it is finished, but still wet from the acylic medium.


Amanda said...

Very pretty work she did!

Shell said...

Oh lovely! Is this another art party creation then? I'm so impressed at all of the gorgeous work that came out of it.

ms*robyn said...

what a great idea ! I would love to do a big collage for my wall.

Carol said...

Thanks Gals!
Yep shell this was another art party creation.

Just go buy a canvas and do one Robyn, it's fun!

Nicole said...

MMmmmm.. I have a spare canvas lying about somewhere that would look fantastic with a coat of pink on it... I might try it too! Your friends are sooooo clever.

Maggie Ann said...

Oh I love all the roses she used, the whole collage is lovely and what a good idea to use canvas. By the way...smile...I made you a card collage for the Valentine swap. It went in the mail the 3rd...I loved making it for you Carol. Hope it arrives in good shape and you like it.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Another lovely piece of art Carol. Did everyone bring their own materials for their project. I love the decoupage papers that have been used, again, such beautiful colours.
Making scrapbooks in this fashion was also a popular pass time for Victorian ladies of leisure, beautiful embossed papers were used, together with poems and quotes. These books have now become collectors items and are quite exquisite.
I was trimming down my magazines collection a while ago, and not bearing to throw them all away, I cut out some of the pictures and poems and made up my own little scrap book. I guess its something on the lines of your ‘altered book’. Marion

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Why do you live so faraway? Your parties are the best!

Carol said...

Oh Maggie Ann I'm looking forward to get it!:D I've made a Valentine Collage for you too this weekend and will send it out today!

Marion, no not everybody brought their own material, but this special friend did and she used some of my stuff too. And some off the stuff she brought were things she got off me before lol like the little tag in the left down corner which I've made and send her with her christmas pressie.
I would have loved to be a Victorian lady! Oh yes do it and then show us the result on your blog please! And you too Nicole!

Yeah it's a pitty Corey isn't it


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