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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Can hardly wait!

I can hardly wait for the Spring to finally begin now, I want my garden and terrace to look as beautiful as the February picture of my wall calendar:

And Maria yes you're right, I collect all the gorgeous cards/letters etc. I' ve got and hopefully will still get this year in this pretty book:

The delightful handmade card that you've send me for my birthday in January is also already pasted into it. See:


MariaJ said...

Oh my god you show it..well okay I try to stand it with smile. Have you ever tried to make paper yourself? Thats very funny way to create a different look too. I made them five years ago and that pink/white paper is my handmade.
Talking about your calendar picture: Where is my white clay!!!Love it, love it,love......

Sharon K said...

I love your blog and pictures and I also love the old and vintage look. Check my blog out some time. I am a new blogger.

Dawn said...

You inspire me to make my own book of all the wonderful handmade cards I have received from friends.
I also look forward to spring. It is sunny today but we expect another cold blast by week's end.

Lulu said...

i love it..so pretty

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Your book is beautiful Carol, I'm always iunspired by your artisic talents, you create some very gorgious thngs that are always a joy to see. Marion

Carol said...

Yes Maria, I could see that the paper is handmade by yourself, because my sis often makes her own paper, so I know how it looks like and I watched how to make paper at TV and I always wanted to do it with my sis, just never got arround to it yet, but I'm still eager to try it out soon. Yeah go get your clay out and start a new figure!

Hi Sharon, I'm glad you like my blog, will check out yours soon! Thanks!

Hi Dawn, I'm always happy if someone get's inspired by what I do :D It's dark and rainy over here, but not cold anymore. Hope you'll not get anymore snow storms!

Thank you dear Marion and Lulu!


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