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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Swap News!

Yesterday I've got my Valentine's swap card from Maggie Ann at knittermag.blogspot.com and I'm so touched by the way she's putted this together for me. It's all so beautiful! It's a big double collaged card with a pocket in it where she has tucked a delightful old postcard from 1912, a poem, a favorite recipe and lovely letter (she has a fantastic hand writing) in. Just have a look:

Thank you so much dear Maggie it was a real joy to get this! xxx


Peggy said...

maggie is a sweet lady and I love your collage!

Dawn said...

What a sweetie!!

Kali said...

It's a lovely gift! Have enjoyed catching up with your blog ~ take care :)

MariaJ said...

Oh how beautiful..I think you could sit a whole day just looking..

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Carol, I'm glad you enjoyed your Valentine collage. I enjoyed making it for you, thats for sure...smile. I see it didn't arrive by the 14th though...sorry about that. I thought it would, yours did and I loved it. When my pc gets home and is fixed, I'll be able to post a picture of the beautiful collage you made me. Its such fun, isn't it!

Kristy said...

Hi Carol!I've been naughty and had a sneak peek!Hope that the collage is for me it looks beautiful!I love the jars I have a few to use as memory jars.I fill them with all the little things my girls find or make for me.So sweet!I will be posting your shoe today half-term has been so busy!

Carol said...

Naughty Girl lol!
Yes Kristy the pink rose collage in the glass jar post above is indeed the one I've made for our little swap last weekend and I've send it out on Tuesday 21st February so it'll probably/hopefully arrive at yours already this weekend.


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