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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fashion of the 19th century

I'm absolutely fascinated by the fashion of the 19th century.

This is a collage that I've just finished:

See the hat of the lady in the middle? Isn't that a crazy thing, just imagine running around with a hat like that.

Well then yesterday I've visited an art exhibition in Bremen's hall of art whith the title "Monet et Camille"

and now this fashion is fascinating me even more, there are paintings from Monet where he's painted his wife Camille and paintings of other famous impressionists like Manet, Renoir and Carolus Duran and their muses or just ladies they've painted in order for rich people. And the common theme was the fashion and especially the wonderful robes. I just could'nt help myself buying me a paper doll that I now can dress in different robes. She's my modell, see:

Don't you think she's beautiful?


Dawn said...

Lovely collage and the paper dolls are beautiful...Wouldn't you like just one costume from that era??? And to think of the workmanship that it took to create one of those gowns without the tools we have today. Amazing!

ms*robyn said...

oh, I remember those paper dolls from when I was a little girl! but nothing as elegant as your lady. Your collages are divine xoxo

Maggie Ann said...

What fun!!! I love paper dolls and yes, she is sooo elegant! Would you mind telling me where you ordered her from?

Mindy said...

Beautiful work!! Love your collages, your a very talented lady.

MariaJ said...

Oh I hope the same exhibition will come to Helsinki some day. Those paper dolls, well, you know me, I love them too. Dont you think we live in a wrong century? When I turn 50 its possible I rent a dress like that and have a picnic in our historical park. Then to the photographers studio...

abe/happy said...

Carol I have a great 1900 picture I will post on my blog just for you :)

Nicole said...

Your paper doll is beautiful... I bought one for my daughter a little while ago though she was a miss modern doll.

Carol said...

Yes Dawn that would be fantastic to own a costume from that era, it's amazing indeed!

Thank you Robyn and Mindy :D

Maggie Ann I've not ordered them, I've bought them at the exhibition.
They are called Collectors Dress-up dolls and it's a UK product. Mine is called The bride. I've googelt a bit and so far I couldnt find them online.

Maria yes I knew that you would also love them! And yes sometimes I think so, but on the other hand we as women haven't had much rights in those days.So I prefer to live today though.
I doubt this exhibition will come to Helsinki, I think it was a Bremen special, because our hall of art owns a big painting oil on canvas of Camille in a dress like that (the one you can see in my picture) and they surrounded the exhibition around this painting.

Val thank you :D I'll come over and have a look!

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Carol, The beautiful Victorian collage you made me arrived this afternoon and I am enjoying it so much! Perfect timing...Feb.13! Thank you!! I am wondering..did the collage I sent you arrive..oh I hope so. My computer is down, and I think has to go off to the repair shop. I have borrowed my son's laptop for tonight and it is 'touchy'. I don't know what i'm bumping but I keep losing my comment. Here's hoping that doesn't happen again and that my pc is soon fixed. Thankyou again for the beautiful Valentine collage, these swaps are such fun. Someday our granchildren will be oohing and ahhing over these labor of love beauties we are making..right? smile. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family.

Carol said...

Oh Maggie thanks for letting me know! I'm so glad to read that my collage has arrived at yours and even in time! :D

I haven't received yours yet, but maybe I'll find it in my letter box when I come home this evening. I'll let you know. The strange thing is that I know that you've sent it a few days earlier than I've sent yours. Well hopefully it hasn't got lost! *Fingers crossed*

And hopefully your PC will be fixed soon!

Happy Valentines Day to you and your loved ones as well! x

Terri said...

Absolutely beautiful!


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