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Saturday, February 25, 2006

A closer look

Now this is a closer look at my latest collage that Ulla had already spotted in the background of another blogphoto. I've made this rose collage for a swap, it was a pleasure doing it and it has found it's place in England now, at Kristy's lovely Edwardian style home over at http://www.vintagepleasure.typepad.com/. I'm so relieved that you like it Kristy and I'm sorry for the grinning posty waking you up so early on a saturday morning! I'm the more looking forward to get your parcel with the beautiful Edwardian shoe! Yes swaps are so much fun!

And this is a collage that I made some weeks ago, but last week I've (using a modern word here) pimped it up:


abe/happy said...

Looks lovely Carol - did it take long to do - where do you get all the pictures from? are they just from magazines or especially printed paper?

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Lovely! Lovely! and I really enjoyed checking out Kristy's Vintagepleasure blog. Marion

Carol said...

Thank yous! :D

Well Val that's hard to say because I do it in different steps.

1.st step is just to search for pictures. I search through the internet, Magazines, old calenders, postcards, flyers etc.pp. I take every pciture I like so after some time you have a big pictures stock.

2.nd step is cutting out pictures and assort them. I do this almost every morning while I drink my coffee.

3.rd step is laying the collage, I mean putting it together and this is the hardest step, to decide which picture to take and where to put etc.. I like to do this in the afternoon when I come home from work because for me this is somehow relaxing.

4.th step is to paste it on cardstock.That takes sometimes long and sometimes it goes very fast, it depends on the collage, the material etc.

5.th step is to embellish the collage. That's possibly my favorite step.

It's a very satisfying feeling to have finished a collage, you should try it! x

abe/happy said...

good idea never thought of printing pictures from the net to use, maybe I will have a go :-)


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