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Monday, February 27, 2006

Another collage

that I have made especially for a dear blogger friend in return for a lovely piece of french cow pie with a secret lol ;-)


MariaJ said...

Oh just hope I can create something like that! (I just bought some material but don't know where to start! Had you the same problem with your first one?) Just love it.

Dawn said...

That is so pretty!!!
I changed the clock, Carol...

Ulla said...

Carol, I love your use of old and new images. Very lovely. Also, the eggs I use are from Germany, I think the company name is Nestler, but I will look that up. I would be happy to send you some, but it seems funny to do, if they come from Germany... Let me know.

Shell said...

Another gorgeous collage. I really love these, they're so pretty and feminine.

Carol said...

Maria I started with collages in a book that I altered (see in my blogs archives September, Oktober, November 2005) , so I've had plenty of pages and just started with a rose collage that I've had already in my head and if I didn't like one page I could just tear it out. So I had no problem to start.Maybe you could try that too? Sometimes it's not that easy, I place pictures and change them all the time and then suddenly after a few days it seems to look right and then I paste them on.

I come over to have a look Dawn!

Ulla that's very kind of you! I already found the eggs in a german online craft shop today, but before I order them I'll go in our local craftshop and have a look if I can also get them there. Thanks for your help and your friendly offer!

Hi Shell thank you, how is your art course going?

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

He he he cow pies are a small price to pay for this beauty! What a lucky blogger she is!! You are a dear heart Carol!!

pat winter said...

I love your eggs from a friend, teapots,and everything you shared. It was a pleasant journey this morning over coffee.


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