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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Still beautiful summer weather

We still have beautiful warm summer weather over here which will last at least for the next 6 days, maybe even longer, if you can believe the weather forecast, so I thought I post some more garden photos today.

Here is some autumn like decoration on my blue iron table:

And this is a new rose that I've bought a few weeks ago called "Elle" Rose of the Provence and it has the scent of peaches and lemon, so yummy!

My pink pelargonium is blooming again beautifully:

this is my Anemone Japonica Hybride "Honorine Jaubert" in full bloom now:

The look through the window:

and here is another picture which I took of the lovely angel *sigh*:


Naturegirl said...

OH my heart be still!
These photos are just what I needed today!Bright cheerful charming
photos! You can see in my post today I am in the mood for color..bright summer color and that you have in this
heavenly post!
Thank you "liebste" Carol!!
Now I'll return to your photos and view them once again~ and~ again~ and again~

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Wow! Your garden still looks so colourful, even though autumn is fast approaching. Stunning! Love all of your decorations too. Enjoy the good weather...we are feeling the tail end of hurricane Gordon at the moment!!- so very windy!!

miss*R said...

I love those little birds on the wire rack!

Karen said...

Oh, your birds on the wire rack are just like the one I bought on the weekend!

I love all your photos, Carol. I wish we had your weather. It has been mostly rain here, unfortunately.

Anita said...

Oh Carol, your photos are marvelous again. You know I already admired your anemones at the MSG forum. And that little cute rusty iron again... Your rose is beautiful, I still have none at my garden.

Lis said...

Muss man dich eigentlich noch loben? Ich denke nein, du weisst wohl selbst wie schön deine Fotos sind.

Joann said...

BEAUTIFUL photos, Carol! Your garden is stunning!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Carol. Blogger has been so frustrating of late, I'm really having a hard time posting comments. Anyhow, love the botanicals, they would look lovely framed and on a wall. Now as for the garden, totally jealous of your weather and plants. Everything is so lush and colourful. Most of our plants are dying back and look brown and brittle. Just so many days here that are dark and dreary, we really had no transition from summer. And your rose, ah your rose. Where do you find room for them all? You are a bad influence, thank goodness most of the rose stock is gone here or you know what I would be doing, lol. I collect angels for my backyard and I LOVE that one. Sigh, just gorgeous as always. I love visiting your blog. TWT

Hannele said...

So lovely pictures, nice garden.

Alice said...

We've been doing a lot of repotting of plants on the deck in the past week or so - part of the reason I've been so quiet on the blogs. I would love my potted plants to look even half as good as yours, Carol. You certainly have the knack of getting the best from all of your plants and the garden. Just lovely.

Jean said...

Carol, I just happened on your blog today. Your pictures are beautiful. I LOVE all of your garden art. I especially enjoy your anemones I have a Japanese that is a favorite but I think I'll have to find one like yours too. Jean

Olivier said...

Nice pictures !

I live in Sanary (south of France).

We have a show call "Floralies" every 2 years.

it's the fest of flowers

If you wat pictures i can send you a link to the web gallery.


pinar said...

I come here and admire your garden views..and decorations.. and go back silently.. they are beautiful.. like a decor for show..but so alive..
this must be heavien..

Carolyn said...

Snap, I too have posted a picture of my wind flowers on my first blog, Willow House. Love your garden and pictures they are beautiful.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Such beautiful flowers Carol. I wish summer was lasting longer here, but it`s gone. The angel is so sweet too!


Becky said...

i am just crazy about your blue iron table.
You have decorated it so well.

zUzU said...

Oh Carol your garden ...
It takes my breath away =^..^=

I especially think I must begin the hunt to find "Elle" ... A rose that smells of lemon & peach? This is so wonderful! I wish to have a bouquet of them in the cottage ::SIGH::

I adore seeing all of your pictures. My gardens are beginning to go to rest for the winter months to come. The leaves are turning and carpeting the lawns in color. Pretty, but such a mess if I do not clean them up in a hurry before the rains.

The angel-child bust is absolutely yummy. The next one you discover, you must find a way to carry her home to your garden. I wish I could see it all in person!

=^..^= XO zU


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