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Sunday, September 24, 2006

For Nature Girl!

Chocolate swap news!

Just a note to let my chocolate swap partner and blogging friend ~ Nature Girl ~ know that I have her * chocolate swap parcel * ready to send it out on Monday!

I've made this ~ Chocolate Collage ~ for you dear * NG * to go in the parcel as well and will send it to you through air mail tomorrow! Promised! Have a happy Sunday! xox


Salix Tree said...

mmmmm... schokolade!!
I love your Elle Rose a few posts below, so many of your roses look like sweet faerie candy! and peaches and lemon scent? oooohhh

Naturegirl said...

OMG! It has been an emotional roller-coaster all weekend with mom so this post really cheered me!! Again my blogging kindred spirit friend cheers me when I need it most!! Thank you Carol you made me SMILE~~:)The collage what can I say such care and creativity..can't wait to get it!Thank you thank you!NG

Carol said...

I know that you are having a hard time with your mum lately and I'm glad that his post has cheered you up a bit NG!

Sigrun said...

Hi Carol, das gefällt mir tatsächlich sehr. Kann man es anknabbern? Diese Farbkombination ist genau mein Geschmack.


Carol said...

LOL nee Al aber ich hab auch was zum anknabbern mit ins Päckchen gelegt!

One Crabapple said...


Nice Chocolate Collage !

Lucky Nature Girl !

Hannele said...

Christmas already?

Becky said...

The collage looks great.
You are a dear friend.


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