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Monday, September 04, 2006

My space and rose collage

So this is my space where I sit and create, I had moved it upstairs in our loft room, so that I don't have to tidy up all the time and at first I had difficulties getting used to my new work space, but now, after a few finished projects I'm quite happy with it.

This weekend I was working on a rose collage as you can see here, and I found my old excersice book from my first year at school back in 1969! Now I'm thinking about how to incorporate it in my next collage:

When the collage was finally finished it was almost dark outside:

This is the left side of my little studio space. I still need lots of things like shelfs to get organised, especially for all the papers!

Oh and you know what, I have just realised that I've almost missed my 1 year blogging anniversary lol I've started blogging here last year in September and now it's September again. Time flies, but in this year I've made so many great friends through this blog and got so much inspiration through reading your blogs that I wanna thank you all again for stopping by my blog and commenting and for inspiring me! xox


Britt Arnhild said...

Your new studio/workspace looks very inviting, and your rose collage is beautiful.

Janet said...

I love the rose collage! Your new work space must be a nice retreat for you.

And Happy Blogiversary! I'm enjoying your blog since I recently discovered it.

monique said...

Congratulations with your Blogiversary!!!!!!!!!!!
I love your rose collage.

Ms Charity Case said...

I am new to Blogs and found yours very interesting. I love your work space,I'm jealous of your lovely room and I love the work you do.

Anita said...

Happy blogging anniversary! Your new rose collage is beautiful - oh I have already so many new ideas. I almost don't know where to start when the weather gets too cold for garding. The winter season won't be boring this year!

WE have to thank YOU for inspiring US!

Karen said...

Blogging is such a wonderful way to connect with the world. Happy anniversary to you and your blog!

Ulla said...

So Cosy! Love the collage, and your jar is wonderful, I can see the space is very good for creativity!!!

Maggie Ann said...

How fun to see your work space...and the left side of the room is almost identical to my daughter's 'bonus' room as it is called at her home. I love having a room to myself for crafting. Often when I walk into 'my' room, a smile just 'happens'...=)

Another Carol said...

Happy Anniversary, Carol! I'm so happy to have found your blog and see your beautiful creations, yard and home. The rose collage is gorgeous. I can't tell you how much my husband and I enjoyed the recent pictures of Bremen, it's been too many years (a lifetime really) since we were there to obtain permission to wed in Bremerhaven. Thanks so very much for the memories :)

Chiffon Rose said...

Hi Carol, just found your blog and have loved checking it out. Love your collage and your work space. Just got my own work space after renovating and I love it!! Nel (Aust)

Naturegirl said...

Carol it is an absolute pleasure to come visit your blog! Congrats for the year of dedication! I am sure all visiting feel the same!I could NOT show you my workspace as it is NOT near as organized as yours! What a wonderful place to be inspired to create or is it this space inspires you to create!! :)

Tracy said...

Love your little studio area. One day I hope to have an area like yours I can dedicate to crafting.

Happy anniversary, too!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Its been such a pleasure to take a peek into your new workroom. Oh yes! I felt immediately inspired. I’ve enjoyed enlarging your pictures and looking into all the detail.

Your rose collage is beautiful and I’ve been looking at your school book. What neat hand writing you must have, if that's an example of it way back in ‘69. I know for certain you will enjoy endless hours working at your craft table.

I noticed too, the small wooden massaging bug on the shelf in your last picture. I have one the same - very soothing for aching shoulders etc. Marion

Christine said...

Ooooh, pretty!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Carol, As you know, I love roses! -So I think your collage is stunning. Your workspace is wonderful too, so nice to have room to create and not have to tidy away afterwards!!
Love Niki
PS. 'Happy Anniversary!'

norththreads said...

Happy Blogiversary!! Thanks for visiting me and leaving such kind comments!! This is a lovely blog, must add you to my links!

MariaJ said...

I wish I could have such a nice area to create. I havent find a proper place so I have to work on kitchen table. Your neat handwriting also catched my eyes. Your rose collage is beautiful but so they are all. I havent seen a bad one at all. (You cant create that!)
Happy anniversary Carol!

Alice said...

What a delightful little studio. I felt immediately inspired. It's lucky that you can't actually see out the window or you would be looking at your garden instead of working ... lol. So many beautiful creations will surely come from this area, especially during the winter months.

Congratulations on your blog birthday. I'm sure that this time last year you never dreamed you would be sharing your life across the world, did you? I'm glad that you have because your garden and collages have thrilled so many.

Ingrid said...

I think you have a beautiful blog! Your home just looks so fantastic! I'll be back! :)

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Congratulations on a beautiful and inspiring blog! Thank you for the friendship you extend!

I have one of your collages, it hangs in my kitchen! Did you go to the cow pie fair?

Carol said...

Oh my! Thank you all dear blogging friends for your congratulations and nice words about my work space and collage! :D

Nope Corey I never wouldn't have gone their without you!

Mrs. Charity case, Ingrid and Chiffon rose, welcome to my blog!

Another Carol, I'm glad that you and your husband had liked the pictures so much and that they even hold special memories of Bremen for you!

Chiffon rose do you know why blogger can't find your blog?

Nortthreads, you have been here before, this is how I found your blog! Thanks for adding my blog though!

One Crabapple said...

oh I love your space you have to work in

I sucked my breath in over the collage.

It turned out so beautiful and I so enjoyed seeing it in stages.

Happy Anniversary ! WOW !!!

Hulda said...

Lovely rose collage!

Becky said...

I love your rose collage.
Happy Anniversary on your Blog!


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