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Monday, September 11, 2006

Little dollhouse world

Yesterday I took lot's of photos of my mum's antique collections and because I'm inspired by the "Club Little House" over @ http://inspireco.blogspot.com/ and also by Ulla's photos and descriptions of her gorgeous dollhouse @ http://ullam.typepad.com/ullabenulla/ I thought I'll show you the dollhouse rooms first, so this is mum's dollhouse kitchen:

better to see in some detail shots:

My mum has a room in her house where the kitchen is displayed and also this tiny living room with very old furnitures:

and further she has this displayed, which is normal dollsize:

and maybe some of you are also interested in seeing this ?

Well, I also have close up photos from the pram and the cabinet but somehow blogger decided that I can't show more photos in this post *rollseyes*. Also I have a lot more shots of mum's antique dolls and other collections, so if you like to see them I'd show more in another post.

P.S. Ulla, I couldn't find the time to get my dollhouse and stuff out of the basement yet, the good weather is back and this is no time to search for things downstairs, but I promise I'll do it sometime this year. In winter I have more time to clean up the basement and get it all out and I'm looking forward to place it in my bedroom, I found the perfect seat for it now :D


Ingrid said...

I have startet translating my blog again now.. at the bottom of the posts. Hope you'll enjoy reading it!

Karen said...

Do you know the story "The Tale of Two Bad Mice" by Beatrix Potter (in German: Die Geschichte von den beiden frechen Mäusen).

Seeing these old-fashioned dollhouses makes me think of that story, which was a favourite when I was a young child. ;-)

Cookie said...

What a darling little dollhouse with all the tiny details. I just love it. We girls never grow up do we !!!!


Thank you Carol for sharing these photos of your mother's dollhouse. I need to start collecting dolls for mine. Hers are beautiful.

Ulla said...

Carol, THANK YOU so much for posting these!!! Your Mothers collection is delightful. I just love all the details... I look forward to seeing more photos and eventually yours. I need to study these longer... so many ideas. Please also thank your dear Mother for letting us peek into her special treasures!!!

Becky said...

Your Mothers little doll house is so wonderful. I was drawn right into that beautiful world.
I have a dollhouse I made myself, many years ago, but I need to embellish it.
Tell your Mother I think she is delightful.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Beautiful. Happy you to be your mother's girl :-)

Naturegirl said...

A darling collection that your mother has."You are your mothers daughter!" The pram to die for!! I love it as I have a collection of stuffed bunnies and cats and teddys that would fit perfectly!I suppose the child in us never leaves us.
I know I would love your mom.. the details in her dollhouse are amazing!!

monique said...

What a beautiful dollhouse your mother has.I loved looking at the photo's.

MariaJ said...

The details are so very beautiful that I'd like to move in! Its a real treasure. I love to collect tiny things to my dollhouse too. I should get proper wallpapers and floors.

Sigrun said...

Huch, wie süß! Da krieg ich mich ja gar nicht mehr ein. Ich liiebe Puppenhäuser und dieses ist ganz besonders schön.
In Hanau gibt es ein Puppenmuseum. Wenn du mal längs kommst, Caro, geh ich mit dir hin!


weirdbunny said...

Oh I just adore the dolls house stuff!

mohnblume23 said...

Hallo Carola,

ich bin mal wieder begeistert. Deine Mutter hat ein wunderschönes Puppenhaus. Ich würde gern noch mehr Fotos sehen, auch eine Gesamtaufnahme!?.Ich habe ebenfalls ein Puppenhaus, welches mein GG gebaut hat (e Etagen, 13 Zimmer), Einen alten Kaufladen mit Ihhalt ca. 1920 und eine alt Küche ca 1900.
Ich würde es auch toll finden, wenn Du Dein Puppenhaus wieder "aktivieren" würdest. Aber verstehe Dich, der Winter ist eine bessere Zeit dafür. Also, herzliche Grüße an Deine Mum und bitte zeige noch mehr Fotos.

Viele Grüße Renee.
P.S. Gibt es einen eigene Blog für Puppenhäuser und Puppen?


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