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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mo's e-book about antique botanical prints

I've got a lovely e-mail from Maureen Gilmer, a fellow garden and crafts lover, also known as:

She's asked me to share the news about her "new e-book", containing "antique botanical prints" available free from her website http://www.moplants.com/ now, with my dear blogger friends and readers.

Online Botanical Illustrations: A Treasure Trove of Free Sources for Digital Crafts

Here are two examples of the free downloadable and usable prints:

Cool stuff for mixed media artists, don't you think?

Thank you Mo!


Britt-Arnhild said...

These antique prints are beautiful.

Sheila said...

Thank you Carol, for telling us about this wonderful site.

Shell said...

Oooh, wonderful! Thanks for passing this on...

Anita said...

Thanks a lot for that link, that's really cool. Those antique prints suit perfectly to our living room. Oh by the way, thanks for your great idea to sew little hearts and fill them with lavender of my garden. Guess that I bought yesterday!? Nice checkered fabric!
Enjoy the sunny week-end!

Naturegirl said...

Yes very nice. Thank you.

MariaJ said...

I love these antique looking prints.
I got also e-mail from Maureen but havent had time to visit his website. Have to visit it immediately.

Hannele said...

I love old antique pictures, I have some books.


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