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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Couches and Envelopes

I took this picture for Corey because she has asked for it, when we were talking about couches/sofas through a post on her blog "Tongue in cheek".

Oh and I have to show you the exquisite envelope in which Maria from Finland has sent me the pattern for the skates:


Garden girl said...

that is a very cosy corner carol...I really like that couch and throw on it. That envelope is special isnt it!

MariaJ said...

Hi Carol! Nice to hear of you. The sofa would look great also in the garden with all those lovely rose pillows...in summer I mean. What is that white blooming flower behind the sofa?

ms*robyn said...

looks like a lovely place to sit & ponder. yes, I am back & can't wait to catch up on your blog xox

Kali said...

What a delightfully cosy couch and area...I could snuggle up there very nicely. That is a beautiful envelope.

mrspao said...

I love the different cushions you've got on your couch. They are really pretty. I love the envelope- what a great idea.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

I just love having a peek into other people's homes and yours has been a delight Carol, particularly over the Christmas period.
This corner, with your cane sofa, adorned with a variety of beautiful pink rose fabrics is charming. My very favourite colours - pink and green!
I was reading someone elses blog recently who was giving glimpses into different corners of her home. It was fascinating. I loved it.
Lots to see in your photograph. Is that a black pussy cat I spy? I love cats, I shall have to introduce George.
Envelope is lovely too, bet that brightened the post man's day. Marion

Carol said...

I'm glad to read that y'all like my sofa and the rose cushions too :D

Maria those white flowers (bulbes) are called Christmas Daffodils here, but I'm not sure about the international name.

It's great that you are finally back Robyn!

Yes Marion I love that too! Well thank you I'm happy that you like my home and Christmas decorations :D
Oh I see it is called "cane" sofa ha ha ha when I talked to Corey about it I've called it "basket" sofa because I didn't know the English expression for it. But now I know thanks to you! And yes you have good eyes this is our black and a bit white cat Samantha-Josephine, we call her Sammy.Haven't I posted pictures of her before?

Shannon said...

Oh that couch is lovely! I love love love wicker furniture...So cozy and sweet!

Carol said...

Ah okay and you can also call it a wicker sofa lol thanks for another new word Shannon :D

Maggie Ann said...

Your couch is very homey and lovely. I like what you do! The envelope is really beautiful. When my daughter was in college she would tear pretty pages out of magazines and fold them into envelopes. Is that what this one is made from?...just wondering! Very special...I like it, like who wouldn't?


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