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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Our beautiful "Harz"

Hello we're back! It was unbelievable beautiful in the Harz (a low mountain range) because we've had the perfect weather :D and I just have to show a few photos:

It's just a three hours drive away from here and I wonder now why we don't go there more often.

The mountain you can see in the background is the highest and most famous one in the Harz, it's called The "Brocken"

This is where witches and devils are supposed to live and I even saw them lol and took a photo of course:


Marion said...

Hello Carol..
Your snowy scenes in the Harz mountains are quite beautiful and very reminiscent of the snowy scenes I was enjoying in Switzerland just over a week ago. I'm pleased to read that you had a good vacation with your daughter, what a sweetie she looks in the pictures you posted.
Strange isn't it, I rather feel as if I know you! I've anonymously observed your blog for a while now and must congratulate you on the decorations you've created both indoors and out in your garden. I loved your altered book and your Christmas collage pictures were quite inspirational. I made one too. Happy New Year....I'll keep in touch.

Dawn said...

...so very beautiful!!

Kali said...

Carola it looks so spectacular & beautiful...you are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of our world.

Shell said...

Awww, it looks so beautiful and snowy! I wanna go play in the snow! Really, what a magical place for a trip away. I'm glad you had a wonderful time.

abe/happy said...

Carol I wouldnt want to visit..id pack up and MOVE there LOL :-)

its too beautiful you live in a great country!

Garden girl said...

carol - I have MISSED you and your posts and your wonderful photos....WELCOME back!!!! just enjoying the snow photos here I have seen snow for 28 years!

Carol said...

Marion - I'm quite touched by your post (and your outing ;-)) and I'm glad you wanna keep in touch, thank you :D

Dawn, Kali, Shell, Val and Krissie thank you all for your kind comments :D

Krissie I guess you've meant to write that you have seen "no" snow, right ;-)

Shannon said...

Oh Carol that is so astounding! The snow is beautiful and the trees look like icing covered candy!

You're photos are just gorgeous!

mrspao said...

Carol, what a beautiful set of pictures. Harz looks like an incredible and gorgeous place. We had a little snow after Christmas but nothing like the snow in your photos. The snow and sun on the trees are magical. It sounds lke you and your daughter have had a lovely time.

Sandy said...

Great pictures! I want to come for a visit!!!

Alice said...

Your photos leave me speechless, and I could look at them for hours. I particularly love the snow-covered trees.

Thank you Carol for sharing your holiday. Glad you and your daughter had such a wonderful time.

Céline said...

Those pictures make me want to jump on a TGV and come and see those beautiful landscapes! :D


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