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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Some impressions

of my wintery garden without snow:

The christmas tree is now outside for the birds

seeds and peanuts in a cocnut shell

something is still blooming


Cookie said...

Carol, you are so talented (the skates) and such a wonderful photographer too! I just enjoyed so much all of your snow photos. You are living in such a beautiful part of the world...Lucky You !!! Its so hot and dry here right now.

mrspao said...

The idea of using an old Christmas tree as a bird feeder is so clever. I agree with Maureen, you are a talented lady.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Well Carol, I admired your Christmas tree when it was so beautifully decorated indoors and now you’ve very cleverly re-cycled it into a terrific bird feeder. Brilliant idea! I’m all for re-cycling and getting double pleasure and value, or simply re-cycling to make the world a better place for future generations.

I wonder is the tree in a pot, complete with roots, if so, even better, you could finally plant it in your garden. I’m looking at the coconut too, is that something you’ve filled? John bought a coconut before Christmas and cut it in half, the birds have really enjoyed it, I was thinking of buying some pork fat from the butchers, rendering it down and pouring it into each half, complete with seeds and nuts. I do love to watch the birds and have a number of feeders around the garden.

Your ornamental cabbage is pretty and I like the ‘plant hat’ the terracotta lady is wearing. Is that a sempervivum (houseleek). I’m always amazed these plants don’t freeze to death, they seem such a fleshy watery plant. Marion

leesa said...

Those skates are adorable! I am so envious of your beautiful holiday photos of Harz - what a beautiful place.

Carol said...

Thank you Maureen, well I think you live in a very beautiful part of the world as well, don't you?

Hi Sam, thank you as well, are you feeling better?

Hello Marion, thank you, yes the tree is in a big pot with roots and we Germans are very big recyclers lol no really we seperate our garbage/rubbish in batteries, oil, paper, plastic, glas, compost etc.pp and recycle almost everything. I think it's a very good thing as well and I'm often shocked, when I see that people in other countrys doesn't separate their rubbish so that it can't get recycled. Like you said, we have to think at the future generations. I'm also a Greenpeace Member.

No, I have not filled the coconut by myself, I've bought it like this, but it's a good idea, go fill it, the birds will surely like it. I didn't know that they also eat the coconut itself. The plant in the terracotta head is an Echeveria.

Hi Leesa,

thank you for visiting my blog and I'm glad that you also like my skates! Ah don't be envious, you guys have soo many beautiful places in Australia!

Thea said...

Carol, I love your garden SO much. I was very excited when I saw your lady's head with the Echeveria, as I have her too. So, although my garden is nowhere as beautiful as yours (all the poor plants are suffering badly in the drought as I can't water them), I feel that I will get it back one day.

Carol said...

Hi Thea,

it's nice to see that our gardens have something in common! Fingers crossed it'll rain soon in your region of Australia, so that your suffering garden will recover!

Maggie Ann said...

Love that ornamental cabbage. I didn't get to plant any of those this year and miss them. They are beautiful! I did get to plant 2 ornamental grasses with plumes which I love to. What a great idea to decorate your Christmas tree for the birds. I think they would thank you if they could, but perhaps they do....in song..lol.


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