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Friday, April 07, 2006

In addition to yesterdays post

I can show you today where I decorated the "Blumenkinder", well they live in their little world of their own now , secure under a glass dome:


Cindy said...

Oh, my, they are the cutest little dolls! I feel a new collection coming on... :)

Mrs. Staggs said...

This is so very charming..really delightful!

Sandy said...

Oh my!!!!These are adorable. My son would love these!

Carol said...

Hi Cindy thank you and welcome to my blog!I've been trying to find some English links to the "Erzgebirgische Volkskunst" websites, but they are all only in German language.

Mrs. Staggs and Sandy thank you, I've just answered on your comments on the other post!

Cindy said...

Carol, thanks for the welcome! I was looking on ebay and found a couple of them that I'm watching. I showed hubby and he said looks like we'll have to go to Germany! lol

He was stationed there while in the Army and would love to visit again. Maybe one of these days.

Carol said...

Cindy do you know this site?


They sell all the beautiful flower children from "Wendt and Kühn" in Seiffen which I find is the best Company from the Erzgebirge and the prices are quite similar as well. Or even better you go directly to the Wendt & Kühn website which is http://www.wendt-kuehn.de/
They have a US version there too and gorgeous new stuff. Just look at the girl with the egg aww

Ulla said...

Oh Carol, I love how you have made little worlds for your flower-children! I have a collection too, and have been wondering how to display them this season, I think I may have to take inspiration from you now!!! Truly delightful!!! (they are still popular here in the states too, we carry quite a few of them at the Castle.)

Cindy said...

Carol, thanks for the 2 sites! I hadn't seen them before. I am having a great time at the W & K one! They have lots of good things there. Thanks again!

Carol said...

You're very welcome Cindy I'm glad if I could be of help for you!

After what Ulla wrote in the comment before yours, you can also get some at the fabulous "Castel in the Air" shop in Berkeley California :D

Ulla I'm proud if I can still inspire you!


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