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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Doves or pigeons?

I don't know how you call them, we say "Taube". I took these photos from my friends living room window on Easter sunday. It's a huge, old chestnut tree and it's almost as if she's living in that tree, because it's so close to her balcony

and a little blue tit

You also have a good view over the city of Aachen from her posh apartment and there was an Easter fair that looked beautiful at night through the branches of that tree


Sofia Barao said...

I think they are pigeons, doves are completely white for me. Beautiful photos :)

Peggy said...

we have mourning doves here that look just like that.

Joanna said...

We call them Wood Pigeons. They are fatter than normal ones and go cooooo.

Lovley views of the easter fair

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

the ferris wheel calls me!!

Tine said...

I think they are pidgeoans. I hate them I must admit. Yikes! Had them on my roof in my flat in hamburg and since i lived right under it and their go-roo was waking me up each morning I really started to hate them. hahah!
Lovelu little bluebirds though!! So cute!!

ULLA said...

What is the difference anyways? I always call them doves when they look pretty and sound nice, and then they become pigeons when they are a nusence... Ha!

Carolyn said...

Carol nice pics of ..I'll just call them birds as not sure haha.
When I grew up (farm land country) we had a neighbor that raised pigeons. He had a delightful (whatever their house was called) and it was clean, very clean always. He was an elderly man retired and he did this for a hobby. He would train them with messages and so on. The only thing I remember him explaining to us as kids was that doves have pointed tails and pigeons have rounded tails. Pigeons get larger than doves too. His were VERY large birds. As to the white doves used for wedding releases, they are actually trained white homing pigeons they use. He had these too and would transport them for events. They use homing pigeons, not white breeded doves as they have the instinct to return to their homing place, where as to release white doves to the wild with out that natural instinct of homing would mean their fate would be an unpleasnt one in the wild. I remember being about 6 and asking him what do you mean what would happen to them, would something eat them? hahah. I used to enjoy to go to listen to Mr. Joe talk about his birds and show us what he had taught them. And he was always interesting to listen to. My dear dad would say yes you can go see Mr Joe and the pigeons but don't get any ides of wanting to have any. haha He told us that doves have such a high metabolism that if they did not eat for less then 24 hurs in the wild and once being used to being fed finding food would be more difficult for them, that they would die in the wild. I have doves (or at least according to Mr Joe they are doves (they have pointed tails) with a stripe around their neck that come to a ground feeder and I find them a peaceful and gentle bird species. I am always amazed at how well they cohabitat when they are nesting with a mate. Having a pair that nest at my front door in a wall basket each year, I get to see them close us. The male brings her food while she sits for days on the nest and he will actually lay with her in the evenings and they coo a bit and its almost like they hug and kiss...very affection birds to each other. They take turns feeding their young once they are born and both do the encouraging to ger them to fly from the nest... I have never known them to have more than two babies. I find them to be happy responsible loving parents to their young. Doves Pigeons ???? who knows not me for sure but as long as I don't have a slew of them I do appreciate their peaceful nature. If I had a slew all allocating in one place I'd think of them as pigeons and shoo them no doubt so I didn't have their mess to content with. A little bit of something is often nicer and more appreciated than an over abundance.

pam said...

wow, great photos you took


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