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Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm terribly sorry

to what has happened with a part of my photos on this blog dear readers. I've stored them at Fotopic.net and today I've got an e-mail from them saying the following:

** IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR FOTOPIC.NET ACCOUNT & GALLERIES ***We regret to inform you that your Fotopic account has been suspended due to the violation of our site policy below: Contrary to section 12b of our Terms and Conditions, your account is consuming excessive bandwidth to the extent of degrading the service for other users. This may be because you have linked to an extremely popular external site through our direct-linking facility, or you may have featured in a magazine or a website elsewhere.

I'm now in the process of trying to restore all the photos I've posted to imageshack and then I have to go in all my posts and repost the photos. That'll take some time and seeing that I'm going to leave on a holiday trip this afternoon I cannot fix them all until then, so I ask you to bear with me please until next week on Tuesday, when I'm back from my little trip to Cologne. Thank you!


Carol said...

At least I have fixed page 1 of my blog, there is just one picture I couldn't find. And now I'm off and hope to read you again when I'm back on Tuesday. So long!

tlc illustration said...

What a drag to be so popular? Your photos *are* gorgeous.

Mary Jane said...

I am so sorry that all your photo's need to be replaced....I can so relate...I needed to have a blog person help me out yesterday... I don't have the computer knowledge to do it myself...Your site is just so special...I'm glad it will be well once again soon.....hope you have a nice vacation....


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