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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Nest love!

I'm so in love with birds and eggs and bird nests of course ( I like it that nest is the same word in English and German) that I finally had to create my own little bird nest as another spring decoration:

at the moment you find birds and eggs everywhere in my house:

The sun is shining outside and the sky is bright and blue so I'm off in the garden now to hopefully get some nice photos!


Sigrun said...

Hi Carol, the bird - is it a *blaumeise*??


Cindy said...

Beautiful! Especially love the bird's nest!

Dawn said...

The nest is perfect! So springlike! You make me want to put more birds around my house..
To answer your speculation about the market we went to..it IS primarily Polish...in a Polish neighborhood. I put a link up. I wanted to buy a nesting doll..but I know our daughter is planning to get me one when she is in Moldova this summer. So...I resisted.

MariaJ said...

I love the nest and do you believe I have them too in my house. NOT so beautiful as yours but there are hens I've done with white feathers....I'll show them next week.

Mrs. Staggs said...

What a lovely time...springtime, and your nest is lovely too!

Mary Jane said...

Love your photos....you inspire as always...your nest is a beautiful creation.

Carol said...

Yes Al it is! Aus dem Bastelladen.

Thank you Cindy, Mrs. Staggs and Mary Jane :D

Dawn thank you and also for letting me know I was right with my speculation. I've had such a doll when I was a child. We've called it just "dolls in the doll".

Maria sure I believe you and I'm intrigued to see your nest with hens and everything!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

I love the nest, that is the best symbol of spring, i like how you have it!!

Maggie Ann said...

I LOVE the silhouette of the pussy-willows in the clear glass pitcher!

Barb said...

Not sure you'll get this because it is such an old post.
Like your bird nest.

If you still decorate with them you might like my nest giveaway.
Ends Feb 10th.
Check it out, and pass it along if you'd like.

Barbra Jean./

PS I bet your garden has really matured since this 2006 post. =0)


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