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Monday, April 10, 2006

It's slowly growing

everywhere in in my garden and in the pots on my patio. I need this photos to have a documentation of the spring to summer difference.

I forgot which bulbs I've planted here oops, but I think it's another type of allium. I love alliums and I've planted different sorts last autumn/fall. No actually now I know that these bulbs are tulips!

This one is a white dicentra spectabilis and on the photo below is the red one, they belong to my favourite late spring plants:

This is a Sedum, one of my favourite autumn plants, what I really like is that this plant is already looking beautiful when it just pops out.


Posy said...

Hi Carol,
Thanks for your comments on my blog. You have the most lovely garden - can't wait to see it bloom!

zephyr said...

i love your "bird's eye views" of your garden!
isn't this the most exciting time of year...watching the new leaves come?

Tracy said...


I stumbled across your blog and just wanted to say that I love your gardens. I live in Western New York State and it's amazing how even halfway across the globe, both your garden and mine are waking up at the same time!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

wow!! what a large garden full of wonder! Carol it is lovely!!!

shannon said...

Yay! Your patio looks like mine with all the pots of plants! Such fun!

Maggie Ann said...

Carol what a beautiful outdoor room you have created!

Cindy said...

Beautiful garden Carol! Will be fun to see it as it changes with the seasons.

audrey said...

Carol...you are right, those sedums are gorgeous as are all of the pics of your garden.

Cookie said...

You have such a sweet little garden Carol. Wish we could all sit out there and have a Bloggers' Afternoon Tea together. How scrumptious would that be ???

Mrs. Staggs said...

What a nice garden you have. It looks like a lovely spot for enjoying the warmer weather once it arrives. I hope you will share more of it when it is in bloom!

Tine said...

Oh what a paradise of a garden you have there!!!! Just beautiful!!

Carol said...

I'm so happy that you all like my garden even at this time of the year where not much is green and blooming!

Posy nice to see you here!

Vicki, long time no see, yes it is very exciting!

Tracy thank you for your nice comment, yes it is indeed amazing!

Large Corey? No it's a small garden! but thank you dear!

Shannon I wanna see your pots!

Maggie, Cindy, Audrey, Cookie (yes very scrumptious), Mrs. Staggs and Tine thank you all you are all so sweet!

Mary Jane said...

Your garden is so special...thanks for sharing it with all of us who like to watch things grow...Happy Easter...and I'm glad to see that your blog is not giving you any more trouble...


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