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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Bulb page!

This time it's not all about seeds like the two double pages before, but all about bulbs!

I'm coming back later to read my comments etc., I have to leave the pc now, there is so much work waiting for me in the house and the garden *sigh*


Kali said...

I'm loving your work! Are these basically collage work in any book, or are they special books for this kind of art work? I feel very inspired visiting your blog:)

Carol said...

Hi Kali,

I'm so glad that you feel inspired by my blog :D ! Yes it is basically collage work, but if you are a good painter, or writer, you could also do this in it. This is actually the first altered book I'm working on. I found these American "cloth paper scissors" mags at my sisters house and they inspired me to start making an altered book. Until that day I had never heard about it. But on the net you can find tons of sites about making altered books. First you chose an old book that isn't precious for you so you can alter it. Mine for example is an old lexicon that I dont need anymore. Then you start by gluing always 5 pages together with acryl binder, so that you get a better work surface. Then you can apply a ground coat whith acryl colors or you can just start your collage or whatever you like doing to alter your book on the plain book pages. You can chose whatever theme you like for ur book there are endless possibilities. Here is a link for examples http://www.art-e-zine.co.uk/alteredbook.html

Kali said...

Thanks Carol ~ Your explanation sounds very interesting...I will definitely look further into this, and tomorrow I shall check the link you gave me and see how I go! Thanks again!


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