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Friday, October 21, 2005

My kitchen

Today I give a glimpse into my kitchen. Well the nice people who sold me the house and who have a more modern taste, have left their kitchen in it. So I left my lovely country kitchen in my old house and have sold it to my old landlord. Now I have to live with this modern kitchen. *rolleyes* I have decorated it with my old stuff and it looks still modern. I want my old kitchen back and my gas stove, I can't really cook on this expensive modern ceran stove. One thing I'm going to change as soon as I can afford it is the black surface, I dont like that at all, I want it in wood/lumber!


melissa said...

But it's still pretty! I understand what you mean, though, about a country kitchen. They are cozy, but you've made this one very special with your touch.

Sandy said...

I actually love this kitchen. I am liking a more contempary look lately. I would love to have a city loft as a second home and have quite contempary. Now I just have to win a lottery!

Zoey said...

I think your kitchen is great, --I love black counters! You have definately given it a country touch --I can tell you have decorating skills. It is amazing how a modern room can be warmed up with the right accessories. I hope you grow to like it more.

Maggie Ann said...

Carol, when your page loaded, at first glimpse of your kitchen, the first word out of my mouth was, 'Oh charming!'. I have a feeling everything you decorate is 'charming'. *smiles* About the collage swap..you can go to ms*robyn's blog (its in my sidebar, Daily Parcels Tied up in String)you probably already knew that, and click on her Swaps page, and ask her about participating. You'd love it I know.

jac said...

The story of the mouse trapped inside a cage full of food and a mouse who run outside the cage, both running around, one to find a way out and the other to find a way in.

Carol said...

Seeing that you all like my new kitchen, I think I should try harder to get used to it and to forget my old kitchen. I don't wanna be the mouse running out Jac ;-)
Thank you for your nice comments about my decorating skills ladies. I love decorating!


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