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Monday, October 24, 2005

It's getting bigger

At first I thought I will never get my altered book ready, but it's getting bigger almost every day now and I have the feeling it will be finished soon.

Random Info:

If you click on the "Garden Tea Time" pic, you can spot my mum and me drinking tea in the lovely garden pavilion of a good friend.


Maggie Ann said...

Carol, this is beautiful!...now tell me please, what is an 'altered' book. Here's my guess. You take a book and collage over the pages? What you've put together here is beautiful 'art'. Thanks for commenting over at knitting kat. I posted a few quick pictures today of the two wallpaper borders. I am trying to be good today and get the ironing worked on and my cello is waiting and its 'new' (to me). We are bonding *smile*

Maggie Ann said...

Yes, I see you and your Mum's picture. Delightful, tucking that in there....a nice memory, I'll bet.

ms*robyn said...

it is lovely Carol - you really need to join our Christmas collage swap !!!!

Carol said...

Thank yous!

I love to Robyn, as I said in my e-mail to to you!

Maggie Ann - yes you guessed right! It is just to alter a book with cloth, pictures, magazin cutouts, embellishments, buttons, threads, just everything you like to use really. It is my first attempt and I love doing collages, so I started with it. You find loads of altered book sites in the net if you search at google for instance. Oh cello sounds great!


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