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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Another of my collections

I love roses! You wouldn't have guessed ;-)


Lady Laurie said...

Hi Carol,
What a lovely collection of rose~patterned china~I have a soft spot for creamers and sugar bowls too...Your garden is so pretty too!
How is the weater there right now~is it fall like or still pretty warm? I went to Germany years ago when I was in the Air Force~beautiful country.

ms*robyn said...

Carol- do you use these or are they 'for best' - gorgeous collection

Carol said...

Hi Laurie,
yep, the weather was still warm and sunny (golden fall) the last weeks between 17 and 22 degrees celsius, but since this Monday we had very cool nights however still not freezing. Today it has started to rain , so I guess we'll get warmer nights again and I do not yet have to bring my delicate plants in the basement. Where do you live btw?

Hi Robyn,
yes you guessed right, I keep them for best, I use them maybe one or two times a year. I have other rose cups and dishes which are not antique for the daily use.

zephyr said...

oh carol!
what a lovely home and garden you have...
if only i was as neat and tidy as you are!!

Maggie Ann said...

You have a beautiful collection there...roses are wonderful.. we haven't had any success with growing them. I have one little bush with tiny blooms but it didn't grow a bit this year. I love it anyway!


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