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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A still life


zephyr said...

i so enjoy your photographs
particularly of your garden
and this still life among others

i'm not sure how to go about decorating
your blog...not sure what you have seen that you
are trying to do on yours

Sandy said...

This is a lovely picture. I love the cobalt blue.

Kali said...

Oh my goodness Carol, your blog and photographs are absolutely beautiful!!! I love it all so much.

Carol said...

Thanky you ladies, your all very nice to comment and I'm so chuffed that you like it!

Vicky you have to check out Robyn's blog, to get to know what I mean. She has just posted a comment in my post abbove.

Alice said...

What a great photo. Isn't the blue of the lobelia against those bright green leaves so startling. A few simple things make such a wonderful photo.

jac said...

You have skills. It is pure art with colours to match.


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