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Thursday, October 27, 2005

It's still blooming in my garden

The pink chrysanthemum has just flourished and the good weather is coming back again, we have 20 degree celsius today and 22 degrees with a beautiful blue sky are promised for tomorrow and saturday :D


Maggie Ann said...

My first thought was....is that a magazine picture or a 'now' pic? Enjoy those flowers for me too Carol! I do have flowers in the garage..(which hopefully part of will be remodeled into a little sun room). I brought in my chenille plant and some geraniums and wax begonia and coleus from a friend...so I have some color to enjoy...if they do well inside.

Alice said...

I'm glad you're having some more warm weather to enjoy before the cold really sets in. A little longer to enjoy your beautiful garden.

Kali said...

Carol your garden is so pretty ~ I hope you enjoy the warm weather you are having.

Sandy said...

Lucky you. It's starting to get ugly here.


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