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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Beautiful Colors!

I'm loving these gorgeous colors!


Sandy said...

I agree!

zephyr said...

wonderful combination

and i loved the bird posts too.
is the european robin the one i would have
seen in the uk? those were adorable, smaller than
our big us ones which are more the size of cardinals
(do you have those in germany?)

Carol said...

Yes it must be him, it is a gorgeous little bird. When I do my garden work he is following me everywhere, he is even sitting on my hand barrow. He is really adorable!

If you write "European Robin" into Google/Pictures there are lots of pictures. He is brown and has a red throat which is why we call him "Rotkehlchen" or the french call him "Rougegorge".
I saw pictures of your Cardinal, it is an impressive all over red bird! No we don't have them overhere.I never saw one live.

zephyr said...

that little robin is wonderful!
no wonder he is the star in The Secret Garden!!


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