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So glad that you found me! My blog is about everything I love like gardening, decorating my home & garden and crafting. Although I'm from Germany I write my blog in English so that hopefully every visitor can read it. Hope you'll stay a while and will leave me a comment so that I know that you were here! xoxo Carola

Sunday, October 09, 2005


The leaves are starting to turn into gorgeous shades of red and yellow. When I looked out of my kitchen window yesterday morning it looked as if the Aronia was burning, because the sun was shining right through it. Unfortunately on the picture it doesn't look as beautiful as it did in reality.


Alice said...

What beautiful leaves in your garden, Carol. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I have now added you to my 'Favourites' as I'd certainly like to know more about gardening in Germany. My daughter used to live in Basel, Switz. I have been to Heidelberg but not as far north as Bremen.

Laura said...

What a gorgeous photo. I love this vignette of your patio and shrub.

Sandy said...

I love the fall! This is a nice area to be able to see from your window.

Carol said...

Thank you Alice, Laura and Sandy! Yes Sandy I like my kitchen view very much and fall too

Alice it's nice to meet a gardener from the other side of the earth!

Laura do you have no blog?


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