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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Just how?

I'd really like to know how I can decorate my blog. I've been visiting some vintage blogs today and they had such lovely flower decorating. I wish I could do that too.


ms*robyn said...

carol, it took me ages to work out how to change the template. what do you want to change?

Carol said...

Hi Robyn,

thanks for your answer :D
I thought maybe there is a site somewhere where you can chose between different templates. The templates which are suggested by blogger.com are all so boring. For a start I'd like to have some lovely flowers at the sides, like you have in your blog. Not the same of course! Or birdhouses would be cool. I dont know much about html, so I dont know where I had to put a photo in to make a special template, if you know what I mean?

ms*robyn said...

Carol, I just changed the blogger template by inserting different backgrounds and colours.
I can help you do it but am not sure how to go about it,without having to access your blog.
leave it with me and I maybe able to set up a dummy blog and get it all going.
the template that I use is called scribe and is easy to change - well for me it is anyhow :)
did you get my email about the swaps?

melissa said...

Hi Carol! I found you through the Brocante Forum, where I'm a member too. I know Robyn's offered to help and in the meantime, visit www.theinspirationgallery.com and look at their wallpapers. You can save the images to your computer and use them for free. Lots to choose from!

www.blogskins.com has templates you can use too. Have fun as you browse.


Carol said...

Dear Robyn, thank you so much for offering me your help! I will try again doing it by myself first, but if it doesnt work I'll come back to your friendly offer. Oh and no I never got your e-mail. I'll send you another e-mail addy of mine via a pm through the brocante forum today and I'd be glad if you could send me the e-mail again.

Hi Melissa, I'm pleased to meet you! I'm going to visit the links you have posted for me now. Thank you very much!

Carol said...

I could finally convince my daughter to do the new layout for me and she has just finished it. I found the flowers in the link Melissa hast posted here for me. So thank you again.

melissa said...

Carol...your template looks wonderful! Love the colors. And so nice that your daughter could help you. Everyone needs a teenager in the house for those needs!

Oh, I wanted to say that most of my ancestors are German, so we have that in common!

Sandy said...

Your blog looks wonderful Carol. Great job!

Carol said...

Thank you Melissa and Sandy, I'm glad that you like it too :D I think Roxanne did a very good job too, yes a teenager can be very usefull.

And where in Germany are your ancestors from Melissa?


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