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Monday, November 07, 2005

Beautiful Butterfly in November!

The Admiral (that is how we do call him here) finally came to visit my garden yesterday. I've been waiting for him the whole summer and he comes in November. He was late, but I was so happy that he finally came. It was another warm and sunny fall day yesterday and I followed him with my camera through the garden. Here is the result :D


Sandy said...

That butterfly looks like he is enjoying your green ball! Probably nice and warm.

Maggie Ann said...

Gorgeous photography...what happy moments you must have had...getting all those great shots...the Admiral is beautiful. By the way...just wondering..how do you get the 'my garden' printed on your picture?

Carol said...

I was so excited lol I've been even calling my neighbour to come and look.

Carol said...

Maggie Ann - I use www.fotopic.net to upload my photos in the net and they have a feature for it.


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