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Saturday, November 26, 2005

First snow!

Yesterday afternoon I was hanging my "Let it snow" wood sign at the front door and believe it or not it has worked :D



Kali said...

what a beautiful sight. Truly a winter wonderland :)

Sandy said...

How very pretty!

ms*robyn said...

you mean it snowed this much for you? oh how jealous I am !!!
can you go and build me a snowman and make snow angels and have a snow ball fight and, and ...oh wish I was there xox

abe/happy said...

the snow fairies must have read the sign!

Peggy said...

Can I borrow that sign? I so want snow here for Christmas.

Carol said...

Yep it did! But like most of the time it doesn't last long, because it wasn't cold enough. The snow has partly melted now and it doesn't look that nice anymore.

He he Peggy it's actually a sign I've bought in the USA (Lithonia/Georgia) in 1996. Maybe you should try to find one ;-)

Last year we've had a white christmas here so the chances to get it again this year aren't very good.

Alice said...

It looks like fairyland. Glad you have snow in Europe but I hope it doesn't stop my daughter flying out from Amsterdam today on her way home for Christmas!

Becca said...

Fabulous photo!


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