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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It's November,

which at least here in Germany normally is a really dark and wet month. But with all the creative things I have to do this month, I'm sure it will pass very fast. I'am in Robyn's christmas collage swap :D and my swap partner is Ainslie from http://www.suburbansider.squarespace.com/ I'm looking forward to do the collage for her and to get one for the first time even more! Then I have to finish things in the garden and to start decorate it for winter/christmas and then decorate the house too. I love doing that! And last but not least I'm going on a little creative voyage with my sister and my mum from 17th until 20th November and I'm looking forward to that one too of course. We're going to see good friends in the country side of Schleswig Holstein, where it is always lovely. It's the first time my sister can make a journey whithout her kids. She deserves it!


Alice said...

Oh Carol, thank you so much. Lovely scenery, as I knew it would be. That line of autumn coloured trees is magnificent. Like to see some of the houses and shops too.

You are certainly going to be a busy lady leading up to Christmas. I hope you and your family thoroughly enjoy your little trip.

Sandy said...

What a beautiful place Carol. I too would love to see pictures of houses and shops. Your trip sounds like it is going to be alot of fun. Especially for your sister! LOL.

Carol said...

Your welcome Alice, I'll see what I can do. Thank you!

Thanky you too Sandy! I think I'll enjoy a few days off work as much as she will enjoy a few days off home lol


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