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Monday, November 21, 2005


I've shot these window photos at our friends cottage this last weekend.


Kali said...

Your friends cottage looks so homely and interesting, and your photos do it real justice...I love this look.

Carol said...

Thank you Kali and thank you for the pretty postcard too which has arrived on saturday!

Will post some more pictures of my friends beautiful cottage later.

Maggie Ann said...

I love your window photos. Your friend's home is very special. Love that colender shot with the blue bottles. You have an artists eye for beauty!

Sandy said...

Your friends cottage looks lovely!

ms*robyn said...

you see that blue trellis type thing outside the window? I have one very, very similar - exact same colour!
glad that the postcard arrived safely & although I am withdrawing from the swap - watch for a new card swap next year

abe/happy said...

Great shots Carol, the colander one is my favourite :)

Carol said...

Thank you Maggie Ann and Abe/Happy! The colander pic is my favorite one too, it looks just great the way the light is shining through the little wholes.

Yep I see it Robyn, we have that in common cos I have one like this too, my Dad has build it and when my friend saw it, she asked her husband to build her one as well.


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